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Steampunk Cannoneer

Artwork for a recently released mobile card game.  Final in-game image has a softer, friendlier face, but I thought I'd keep her original, tougher look. Unfortunately, I think the game is already being cancelled :(...
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Astounding piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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Definitely not good news to hear about the game's cancellation. Is this character design all your own, or were you following a lead designer's direction? Your attention to details is very good, and love the background. It's amazing to see all of the various styles of artwork people craft. Completely from your mind or did you have a little help from reference? Keep at this brilliant work!
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It's mostly mine... usually with jobs like this, you get nothing more than a few sentences of character description and some loose references. I always end up gathering my own. I've also incorporatied some of the established details that go with the steampunk genre. So, it's kind of like a remix, really.

Honestly, I could have probably done a better job if I had time. I wish the character was a bit more unique, but it's hard to go through a proper concept art process with tight deadlines.
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Steampunk! :iconexcitedplz: She looks great. Nice work with the hair ^^
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Really nice steam punk-ish design.
Realistic version of maple story. > <
What's your inspiration?
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Hey, thanks for the kind words! What is maple story?
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You're welcome ^^
It's a 2D cartoony mmo game. They have a class cold cannoneer or something like that.
Stay inspired!
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Cancelled already? How was it funded? Cool design btw too.
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Yeah, apparently! Gree is a huge company, so it probably was well funded... but there are so many of these types of games out there already and I'm not really surprised when one shuts down.
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Indeed xD! Kinda sad, but you have a good point tho.
GTSReviewer's avatar anyone else seeing a chick in place of the anger icon to the upper right o.O?
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Very nice, I feel like her face or the image as a whole could have had a bit more glow or lightness, but the form, costume, and gun is all really nice, I feel a sudden need to go sketch some steam/diesel punk.
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Nice, glad it inspires you! Yeah, I guess it is a bit dark at the moment... I can definitely add some more daytime glow to the image... thanks for the comment!
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