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Primarch Magnus The Red

By jubjubjedi
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My depiction of Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons legion, peering into the Warp. Loosely based on written descriptions found in the novel "A Thousand Sons".
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He should have been stripped of military command for practicing sorcery, then made the Chief Imperial Diplomat. That ways, his thirst of knowledge can be put to good use and his sorcery can be limited to using his prescience and psychically-enhanced charisma. Just imagine what the Imperium would be like if it brought Interex, Diasporex, and Aurelian Technocracy into its fold without any violence not to mention forge an alliance with the Craftworlders and Harlequins to help gain access to the Webway (and Exterminatus the crap out of Shaadom and Commorragh).

Some other traitor primarchs could have also been kept loyal by giving them civilian posts, as Lorgar would make a great Propaganda Chief, Fulgrim a great Chief of Manufacturing and Logistics, and Perturabo the High Fabricator.

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*Did nothing wrong*
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"Yes! I did it! I am the strongest! SUCK IT LEMAN, YOU FURRY FUCK!!!

- Magnus the Red, If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device
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LOL!!!  Good one XD XD XD!!
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Love the detail on him.
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I feel for the guy. What happened to him, and the Thousand Sons, was Just as Planned by Tzeetch. I wonder how he thinks about the Blood Ravens, if he knows about them. He's their Primarch after all.
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say again?^^
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Magnus is the Primarch of the Blood Ravens.
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And which rulebook etc states that?
The blood ravens know neither their founding chapter nor primarch.
While it is very likely, there are no official sources stating they are offsprings of the thousand sons.
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I'm sorry but how do you know now about this? It's pretty well accepted that he is. There are a lot of similarities between the Sons and the Bloody Magpies. There was this one HH novel, BL I know, written by McNeill, again grain of salt needed on his other works, that he had to apologize for how obvious he made the hint.
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My friend, I know of all the hints about the Blood Ravens being an offspring of the Thousand Sons. I know about the TS who was rescued from Prospero by the White Scars. I know the of said TS "The Ravens. I see them too. The lost sons and a Raven of blood. They cry out for salvation and knowledge, but it is denied!"
So what? McNeill dropped some hints as do several other authors.
But there is one big thing which states that Magnus isneither the primarch of the BR nor are they a successor chapter of the Thousand Sons.
It is also likely that the Blood Angels, Raven Guard or the Dark Angels are their parental legion. Or what about the Imperial Fists?
They have several relics of them...

And to cut this short: Untill the day, Games Workshop drops the bomb about Magnus being the primarch, these are all rumors.
The Blood Ravens could as well be the second or eleventh legion, who knows? No one, thats the point.
GW love their speculation thing and now... back to reading Horus Heresy fiction... and please... no C.S. Goto... that guy is the worst BL ever hired...
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It's just likely that he is the primarch. They don't really have any common features with other loyalist chapters but lost legions are another possibility. I don't think Goto is with BL anymore.
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Astounding piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Daily Inspirations at hangaroundtheweb.com
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Why so he is so funny ? I thought he must be the serious...
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"Why so serious?"  LOL...
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Well I definitely see the egyptian theme of the thousand sons here. 
One comment I will make tho is that he doesn't look like he's wearing a  lot of armour. Usually whenever I picture a primarch they are wearing enough armour to crush people beneath the weight. It's cool that you haven't given him a lot of bulky armour, gives him a different look.
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Thanks!  Yeah, my intention was to do something a little different than the Egyptian theme, which is a tired one and something you see all the time in sci-fi and fantasy.  I mixed in some Mayan and various asiatic influences into his outfit.  And it's not meant to be a battle outfit for sure, maybe casual or ritualistic or something.  Home wear LOL.
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Like ancient indian kinda style? 
Primarchs in their PJs. Or wearing Lulu lemons & hoodies :D 
I can see Fulgrim rockin' the Lulu Lemon look. That shapely body and flowing hair XD 
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Yeah, something along those lines... Tibetan, etc.  I would love to get really good reference for ancient Indian costume, but it's not easy to find.
I think Fulgrim can rock pretty much anything and look good, LOL!

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It's hard to find good references on a lot of old clothing/ armour styles. :(
Meanwhile Perturabo is sulking in a corner, hair obscuring his tear streaked face.
"Why was I born with ugly features?" He sobs. "Why can't I be as popular as Fulgrim?" He cries. 
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LOL... is he the ugliest one?  I always thought it would be Angron...
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