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Indrajit (Meghanada) - Maha Yodha

By jubjubjedi
An illustration I did for Maha Yodha by Leprechaun Games, a card game based on Hindu mythology that is soon to be released.  Indrajit is the son of the Asura/Demon King Ravanna, both characters from the Indian epic The Ramayana.  He is shown riding his celestial chariot which makes him invulnerable, while invoking a weapon (Yamastra) from the death/destiny god Yama.

The actual game should be out pretty soon and I'll be posting more art I did here... you can check out more details about the game at the official website:
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A pretty decent picture.
Awesome.  Actually there is not much difference between Asura's and Deva's.  They have the same father Kashyapa and are half brothers.  Asura king Vrishaparva was an ancestor of Pandavas.  
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Thanks for the information, I find Hindu mythology very interesting!
Asura Emperor Mahabalim was tied by Garuda using Varunapasha or rope of Varuna during the Vamana avatar episode.  That is like Prometheus being tied ha ha.
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Interesting, I wouldn't be surprised if Greek mythology borrowed some ideas from Hindu mythology!
Brihaspati and Shukra led Devas and Asuras like Gandolf and Sarumon.  The real midle earth…
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This is wonderful though I myself imagine the Asuras as looking less human. They're not grotesque however, but beautiful--in an alien way.
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Thank you!  I kinda thought that they might have forms that were always changing, depending on the situation.
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whoa this is badass!!
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Omg, omg O M G... Woah, those details and colours and perspective and poses and idea and all of this... So stunning... Spaz attack 
Anyway, love it >w<
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LOL!!  Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it!! 
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Well it wasnt best comment ever, but shown my respect >w<
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Really amazing work :)
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Thank you for those kind words :) !!
:O jaw dropping, i have never seen your work till now, and i will defiantly check the game
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Thanks!!  I only did a few of the cards and haven't see many of the others, but I'm sure there are a bunch of good ones!!
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