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Deathwatch illustrations

A few illustrations I did for Fantasy Flight Games publication, The Achilus Assault. Hadex Anomaly on the left, and an Imperial Guard bloody retreat on the right.

©Fantasy Flight Games
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“Watch the skies, the ground at your feet, and even the very air
around you. But do not trust your eyes! Nothing here is as it seems,
and we must remain vigilant and blind to the lures of Chaos if we
are to close these Gates once and for all!”
–Final recorded words of Inquisitor Marwin
Vermillious of the Ordo [Redacted]
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they don't retreat, they die standing like Imperial Guard do
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Great job man!!Keep it up
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The Emperor will be pleased!
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Love me some deathwatch, my 96 renown, rank 5 terminator tech marine just died, QQ
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S'ok makes room for the Black Templar I've been wanting to create.
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impressive drawing Brother :)
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Wow. Again.
Great work.
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Thanks! First post, here's a cookie!! :D :D :D
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First Post? Wow, that the first time!
Are you going to ship it in the mail? Or should I just lick my computer screen :D
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