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Arbites and Hive Ganger-Warhammer 40K:Dark Heresy

Illustration for Fantasy Flight Games' Book of Judgement, a Dark Heresy/Warhammer 40K RPG game publication recently released.

©Fantasy Flight Games.
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She reminds me of House Escher.
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She was probably based on one of the older miniatures!
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A completely ridiculous illustration and yet the symbolism of it all is beautiful
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Always loved this picture in BOJ. Great to have a chance to tell you that. The ganger is so colourful and badass. :heart:
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Thanks for the kind words :) !!
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We all know who is going to win.
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Bolt Pistol to the skull vs. a Laspistol to the Helmet.  I know who to put my Thrones on.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece.
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I dunno, she pulls the trigger fast enough and she'll get out of this... notice the muzzle is aimed right at his nose, that shot woul go right through his head.
She's still using a lasgun AKA flashlight so I think the Arbites would win anyway
A flashlight by 40k standards, but a flashlight that literally disintegrate your flesh and then vaporize the water and organs of your body.
A single blast to the face will melt your head, skull and brain in a pile of goo.

The lasgun is humble but should NEVER be underestimated.

On the other hand the helmet is probably carapace rated since its an arbites so she has to aim at his face and not miss.
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Thanks for the kind words!
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Move your left foot back and Power Maul.  The jacket, I mean hair alone justifies summary execution.
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Thanks for the kind words!
Dammit my new ship is sailing damn you sir!
is it judge dredd?
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Nope!  Warhammer 40,000...
Yeah I meant it looks like dredd which would be awesome. Dredd in warhammer 40k
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Every Adeptus Arbites is a Judge Dredd Fanboy...
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Fantastic, reminds me of GW's old Necromunda franchise, they really should bring that back.
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Thanks!  Yeah, not sure why that title wasn't too popular...
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