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Admiral Ackbar

Ackbar just doing his thing!  He's actually laying a trap for some Imperials this time around... XD!!
This is card for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars Regional Championship.

©Fantasy Flight Games
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A great piece of work.

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As you all can see its a trap. So to counteract this ill need a few corvets and fighters to lag behind so the 2 star destroyer's can be easily destroyed from behind and up top. Now any questions and no I will not say the line again

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A classic line!
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Yep it is a Classic line
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 I can just imagine the look on some Imperial Remnant Captain's face when he realises he's been caught flat-footed with his britches down!
jubjubjedi's avatar
Darn right!  Or, Ackbar is completely juiced and is just fascinated by the moving lights... LOL!
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Something tells me Admiral Ackbar doesn't get out much either.
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Very very nice ! I like the way the colors look
Great job !
jubjubjedi's avatar
Thanks for the kind words :) !!
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Ah the good old Admiral! You did a great job here!
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It's a trap!

Take evasive action!

But Admiral where the ones setting the trap.
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I'm guessing he learned from the near-miss at Endor, LOL!
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really good composition!  nice one =)
jubjubjedi's avatar
Thank you for the kind words!!
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I definitely mean it! =)
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"Alright, you know what this is called? . . . ITS A TRAP."

Very cool :D
jubjubjedi's avatar
LOL... right??
Thanks for liking!
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