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Seriously Can't A Guy Turn Over A New Leaf?

Fearless is my favorite Motorcity episode. :I

....I like Fearless!Chuck..
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Same here because it showed us a darker side of the character.
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Fearless!Chuck was pretty darn awesome but pretty danged terrifying as well. I'll take our nervous adorkable nerd any day of the week, thx. I really do love the lighting and his expression here, though. =D
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Holy shit this is god damn terrifying. I love it.
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to answer his question... "NOT WHEN YOUR EYES ARE GLOWING RED!"
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I love how expressive his hands are. And that expression is fantastic.
Also, the highlights that accentuate the background is a really nice touch. excellent!
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i remember that episode
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saw the episode wish they had show chuck fight kanes troops and robots. Chuck to me remind me of shaggy mix brief from stocking and panty. great drawing
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Fearless Chuck was a fun guy. Just look into his demon possessed looking eyes and tell me you don't see the face of an angel.
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Nope, just a badass almost rivaling Mike...
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Yay. When will it come back on the air already!
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(Runs to look for it on OnDemand)
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I love this picture, the lighting is fantastic.
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Best Motorcity art I have seen so far. Just amazing! I love the colours and his expression. Also, bonus points for drawing Chuck in the first place <3.
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I love the color scheme in this and the way you made Chuck look so psychotic
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Gotta watch this episode if it exist!

Red eyes mades him look like an evil dud makeing suicide jumps just for the thrill o0o/
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Been a while.

Damn. I might need to re-watch that series. It was so sadly short.
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the series isn't even over lol
InsanePsychoHafbreed's avatar
Mm, but my time watching it was. Quickly, I found One Piece around that time
unconsciousargentine's avatar
like this show started only a few months ago, and the first season isn't even over yet lol
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