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This is kind of really, sorta, not what Caitlin had been expecting.

When she'd gotten the call from Jen, who could NOT wait to let
her know that Albatross and Finch was hiring, she'd been excited.
Jen was sure that she they'd accept her and even though Caitlin was doubtful about it she tried anyway. After all, it was her FAVORITE store in
the mall and she wasn't doing anything else with her life at the
moment. Unlike everyone else she wasn't sure she wanted to
go college or start a family or anything like that.

It'd left her feeling a little lost.

But this? This could be the start of something BIG for her. Her, Caitlin Cooke, as a Greeter GODDESS? She practically ran out of the house
to get the Galleria and submit an application.

Yes, okay, so A&F was doing some new kind of uniform thing, but weren't they always trendsetters? Fashion forward is the kind of forward Caitlin had always been into. So yes, okay, the guys looked buffer than before and the girls looked...bustier. She'd probably just never noticed before. She wasn't always the most observant person, she knew that. Besides, maybe it was the new uniforms?

Imagine Caitlin's surprise when the Greeter Goddess recruiter took one look at her and hired her on the spot. No application even necessary. Just some secret initiation that they do for the big "Once In a Lifetime Sidewalk Sale", which they were calling Black Wednesday for some reason this year, and apparently they do it every year for new gods and goddesses.

Wednesday morning Caitlin made sure to look her best. She was going to go for this no matter what. She'd show everyone that she wasn't some loser with no ambition. When she wanted something she went for it.

Jen had counted on that. She knew that a girl dumb enough to get swamped by credit card debt before the age of 17 would fall for anything. Fools make good sacrifices and Caitlin had always been a fool. Why had Jen even hesitated in getting her involved? The girl was a waste anyway.

Now the sale begins, and Caitlin isn't quite sure that she's up for it. The Greeter Goddesses who are prepping her keep saying strange things. Like, maybe they should have her ----------- before sending her onto the sale's floor. They keep laughing and giggling and Caitlin doesn't understand what the joke is.

What's so funny?

Why are they laughing like that?

To understand this portion of the story you'll want to read:

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As well as the other 8teen submissions (Which cannot be posted on DA, so you may want to check out my other pages such my FA, Y!gal, HF, or Superbomb Tumblr)
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Readasaur Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
Jeeze, Jen...
What happened to you?
Jubell Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013   Digital Artist
Jen is just yeah. I think she always had it in her though.
Readasaur Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
Somehow, that's even worse... :(
Jubell Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013   Digital Artist
In a way, even the nicest people have it in them. But Jen is the one who dreamed the biggest (Besides Wyatt). I think the biggest difference is that Wyatt, despite his introversion, actually worked at making his dreams of being a musician come true. Jen kind of hovered around her aspirations of being an Olympiad. How far can she actually get when she's working all the time and chasing after boys?

I think the THING could get to her the most easily, in part, because she has the most to lose if he dreams of the future don't pan out. (I mean the girl sleep talks about winning gold medals. That's pretty serious)
Wanderer619 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
Well Done
Jubell Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013   Digital Artist
Thank you ^.^
Wanderer619 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
no prob
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