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Deity Killers (DnD Group) by Jubell Deity Killers (DnD Group) by Jubell
Recall the posting of Maple Scruff? Well, this is the DnD crew summoned to Tempest Haven to kill the god, Suriel/Severen (pictured at the top) from the Mall group.

So from the bottom - Murphy the Warlock (and centuries old teenager due to the mall situation in the last image), Chris the Cleric (trapped in his home until the summoning and eager to find his missing father - SURPRISE! he’s the god we have to murder. Sorry), and my dear Maple (of the fabulous hair no matter what age).

The dark skinned fellow is Gucci the…Other Warlock. But also a secret death deity we didn’t know was a deity the whole time.

The one yelling out is Dan, who used to be a mad god was sealed within a magical sword and isn’t so crazy anymore. He kept trying to reconnect with the guy who summoned us -

Tristram, who is so damn embarrassed, is actually a creation of Suriel/Severen. He looks just like Dan’s brother but…he’s not. He knows that. It got AAAAWKARD….

The one looking bemusedly at Dan is Eustace, the tall silent fellow who is Tristram’s lover/husband in that world. Also a creation of Suriel/Severen.

Over them is their adopted daughter, Bug, who has a very different life in another dimension but in this one is just another construct. We get to save her in the end when he dimension falls apart.

Then there’s MAX! The guy with the beer. He was in and out of our campaign. Spent a lot of time at the pub. He had a good time despite all the fucked up stuff that happened.

Then there’s Suriel, with a complicated history but the worshiped deity of the world and out target.

We ended up not killing him. Which inadvertently led to Maple becoming a goddess in her world and that causes a whole new set of troubles.
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June 2, 2018
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