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Castle Chasers AU: Pursuit by Jubell Castle Chasers AU: Pursuit by Jubell
The Good Lord Roland's castle, which for the last three years had existed as a saprogenic sore upon the natural world, was coming to end as spectacular in destructive magnitude as its construction was in upholding a message of peace and unity.

Outside, neither the sun nor the moon could be seen. The only presence in the sky was a swirling vortex of brilliant energy, churning high above the castle and producing a noise like the tinkling of falling glass. The only thing that remained of the ground were disjointed fragments of rocks and roots hanging in the empty space like moss. There was also a blackened stone path leading away from the castle gate - which had never been there before. The air writhed with eldritch power and carried the a scent akin to the world after a fresh rain has passed.

Zoryck perceived it all as he sped along the path. He pulled a cart, filled with the Humans, pumping his armored legs with tantivy haste. Every second counted. Only he had the strength and speed to try and save them all.

The Imp felt Smorby's weight shift on his shoulders to look behind them. Zoryck couldn't afford to look back. He kept his concentration on the stone pathway. The stones were cold. So cold the chill reached him even through his armor. Behind them was that sound of tinkling glass, like the tittering of an old, mad woman whose true voice escaped her long ago. He knew Smorby would see the screaming monsters left in the castle caught up in the irresistible current that would draw them into the awe inspiring display above, and a fate unknown.

He'd also see that screaming Sorceress who  kept pace with them a bit of distance away. She meant to end them as surely as night follows day.

This is why Zoryck, with wings outstretched, hauled the cart upon rattling wheels towards the receding portal at the end of the frigid stone path. He could see the bucolic town beyond the gossamer edges of the gateway, surrounded by verdant life and a beautiful blue sky.

If he didn't reach that town before the portal winked out of existence? He and his companions were certain to meet the same fate.

In his short time at the castle, Zoryck came to understand that Vilydia was a woman unable to accept failures of any kind. She prepared herself for every contingency by staying up late and brewing potions or combing over spells in advance.  

Except, Vilydia couldn't have planned for an accursed imp to appear in her carefully executed Sphinx Gate. Nonetheless, her initial surprise gave way to apathy, "Well, there's some kind of enchantment on you but," she sighed, "what's a dark mistress without a dark knight running around the premises? "

She immediately set upon the task of figuring out why her gate had opened on his world. She had no interest in returning him to the lands he knew.

On that first day he'd met the other accursed ones, Human's with powerful enchantments on them. He'd seen the old gibbering sorcerer and the Bound Man who smelled like the hot springs Zoryck and his brothers once loved. He also met the Human girl with the dark sword. The enchantment on her was weakest but very strong around her weapon, which fascinated Zoryck. Ensorcerelled items instead of people? There was someone who would have loved to talk to the Human girl more than he did -

Perhaps that is really where Vilydia's plans went wrong. Not a magical misstep or even her disregard for creatures she didn't view as perilous. No...

She couldn't know Zoryck would meet Smorby, the accursed girl's hidden companion.

Smorby, who looked so much like Ruszes, with his inquisitiveness and frank nature. Ruszes possessed so much intelligence and had those hopeful eyes that kept Zoryck going during The Fall. The imp knight still dreamed of Ruszes and how he didn't blink toward the end. A scholar that showed bravery.

At first, Smorby held very little in common with Ruszes beyond his uncanny physical similarity. Over the course of a few days though...the resemblance began to become unbearable.

Unfortunately, and in hindsight, Zoryck was sure that Ruszes would have known to keep him away from Smorby's necklace. It was surely the necklace that that old Human sorcerer muttered about incessantly.

Zoryck, a knight of the Imp Imperium (before The Fall) who carried a hefty curse of his own, spent two weeks with all of them in that castle before those Horse-Humans prodded him to look closely at the necklace that Smorby guarded as if it were a life mission. However, Smorby let Zoryck touch it and then the knight knew:

He was one curse too many.

With the help of the girl, who was better than he expected with that sword, he was able to get the Bound Man and the Old Man so that they could all escape. He could leave them, in a way they were all like him. The Horse-Humans had a cart they said they were saving for just such a development. Then Horse-Humans rode off with Armored Humans who, the Human girl informed him, had once been knights themselves.

That was before the Town outside began to recede and the ground fell away to reveal an endless space below.

The imp knight had a crushing feeling that this may turn out like The Fall after all.
But he was determined to do his best to make sure that didn't happen this time.
When the companions did cross over into warm sunshine and the distinct smell of grass and soil they were all shocked to find Vilydia was already waiting for them on the other side.

Hadn't she been behind them?

Even more of surprise was the state they found her in. Sprawled out and unconscious on the ground. However, what froze Zoryck in his tracks was who was standing over her - Ruszes.


This was a sort of AU/AT commission on behalf of Readasaur

He really liked the Castle Chasers series and wanted some art of the characters with a story-esque addition. I was surprised that I was able to hold it all to the 1000 word limit (to keep it classified as flash fiction).

But now, thanks to Readasaur, some of you get to know what some of the characters look like!

*Note: The Castle Chasers series is made up of Flash Fiction stories that relate to one another. I haven't posted them here because they are VERY sexually explicit. To read them you'll need to head over to FurAffinity or Y!Gallery*
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