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It's been a long time I don't come here.

I don't know how many of you still check things out in this account...

Anyway lol I'll try to update more frequently here, but I have daily updates at
Instagram and Facebook.


I'll come with news this week. (yay)


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How are you doing?

I just came here to say that I'm doing the "One drawing a day for 365 days" challenge :la: 
You can check it out at my instagram, I do update it daily:

I've already done around 60 drawings *----* I'm really enjoying it and I can tell you that I have a progress in my style.


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Helloooo everybody!

It's been a long time, I have a lot of news.

I'm working fulltime as an ILLUSTRATOR :la::la::la::la:
It's the beginning of a dream came true *-*

OMG :la:

I'll be updating stuff here with a good frequence.
Keep looking.


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YAY, I'm on tumblr now, let my flickr account die little by little. :la:

Check it out, this is my illustration portfolio:

Big hug
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This will be the last year that I'm doing :points: commission. I'm working on a personal branding project. It'll be all more professional in 2015, with my own website, portfolio, new drawings, new skills. Then I'll start with money commissions, so for now I'll be still doing this with cool and cheap points. Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS at the bottom before requesting, it's very important.


Star!Point Commissions INFOStar!

Bullet; Yellow SKETCHES

• Bust: 40 Points each
• Chibi: 50 Points each  
• Halfbody: 60 Points each   
• Fullbody: 80 Points each
----> Digital ink: + 70 Points 

Bullet; Yellow TRADITIONAL

• Bust: 110 Points + 80 Points each extra
• Chibi: 120 Points + 90 Points each extra 
• Halfbody: 170 Points + 140 Points each extra
• Fullbody: 200 Points + 170 Points each extra 

Bullet; Yellow VECTOR ART

• Bust: 130 Points + 90 Points each extra
• Chibi: 140 Points + 110 Points each extra
• Halfbody: 200 Points + 170 Points each extra
• Fullbody: 230 Points + 200 Points each extra

Star!I do NOT draw

• Nudity
• Yaoi and yuri stuff
• Dragons and demons
• Something that refers to violence


Star!How to order it

Send me a Note with the title "POINT COMMISSION" with this information:

• Commission type (sketch bust, digital half body, traditional full body, etc)
• Short description of what do you want 
• Images for references



• Only PERSONAL USE: This commissions are intended for your personal use ONLY. In other words, no form of commercial use is allowed. (no advertising, no application in products that may be sold, mascot companies, logos, etc) 
• For COMMERCIAL USE: I'm open to it, but I don't accept points as payment, only money. Note me or email me at so than we can discuss everything. 
• I only start doing it after the payment is received. 
• A sketch is sent to you to approval before I start the final art.
• Changes are only accepted in the "sketch fase".
• Do not refund after the sketch process is started. 

That's all. 
THANK YOU so much.

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Back to business. 

I have a new account on Flickr where I'm using to update only illustrations and drawings I do. Check it out there, I found pretty nice artists there, it's a cool platform. 
There is already some stuff I did since 2010 to 2013. I'm finally ready to keep working on new projects, and they are on the way. I have news already to next month, I can't wait to show you all. Keep watching. 

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Dudes, what's up!

Soooo, here goes another year. I was pretty off deviantart this past months. 

Well, I'm updating all of my profile in social media with new stuff. If you guys have an account at Behance, or Dribbble (yes, a friend got an invitation for me *-*) you can check out my work there too. I update different things on both, some are the same.

So, Happy New Year. That the next year we can smile more, hug more and study more.

God bless you all.
See ya
Anyone here can send me an invitation to dribbble?

I only can upload stuff if someone invites me do join, otherwise I'll be able only to see other people projects.
Here's my account If you are there and you have an invitation to give me, I'll be realy glad. If you don't have an invitation but you are there looking for inspiration projects too you can start following me, cause I have faith that some good person will help me to join this thing hahaha

Soon with new drawings, as always promised. 
A lot is going on, I'm working and working and drawing and working, without having time to upload the new stuff here yet. I'm in search of a new nickname, a new illustrator identity for me to use to sign my works. Something that translate what I do and what I am. Thats the coolest thing ever! It's an amazing search and it leads you to incredible ideas. BUT while I organize it, you can see a lot of pictures of drawings I'm doing on my instagram, during this time of "inner search" 


Soon I'll change this "carolpererao" thing when decide the nickname that will last FOREVER! :la::la::la::la: hahaha

I know I owe some of you guys commissions, but they are on the way.
Thanks for the patience, and VERY SOON I'll come with the new stuff I'm doing.

Big hug

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Now that I'm on vacation again, I'll going to draw until my hand fall down!! :la:
I wish I could draw forever, but no.

This semester was a total mess in my life!! But now that things are stable again, the classes ended for now I'll be able to do the projects I have.

I have new things to show up here, also at my blog here
And a cool tumblr account for uploading some kind of series that I'm planing to do. I'm so excited!!

For the guys that had commissioned me :iconandiction: :iconcuzzacurry:, I'm already finishing them. So sorry for being late with it!

And new drawings, new style, new tecniques are comming up.

Keep going people, and I'll be back soon with the stuff :D

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Almost three months without touching my sketchbook. It's so depressing!
I was in a rush with college projects, work and things of life.

Now I got a new job as a junior illustrator. People here are cool, it's a great comunication agency. I'm also back at the figure skating classes. I'm a skater since I was a 12 and this sport is part of me. I just love it! But will gonna be hard to go back in form after a long time at home, if you know what I mean. ^^'
Well, things are changing and I'm getting ready for the plans I have.


Anyway, PINTEREST. What's the point? It's just so inspiring! You can save everything you like and organize it in boards and share with people who follow your pins. It's just amazing. You have your own source of inspiration for any project you may do. You are going to do a marriage invitation or redecorate your room, for example. You search and pin the ones you like the most to give you ideas. :la: Awesome!
Here is mine so that you can check it out! It has a cool pattern board, another with logos and icons, childish drawings and movie posters, etc ----> <----

Well that's it. Thank you all for the support!!
Soon with new drawings.

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Changes :D

Wed Feb 8, 2012, 7:16 AM

Finally I got a job! =D

And that's awesome, although it's not in my area. It feels so good when you have your money and pay our own bills, without depending anyone. But you might know that study and work are for the strong people xD.
How tyred I get home every day, waking up early in the morning, getting a crowded subway, going to work, getting a extra crowded subway going to college and arriving home late in the night.

That's hard to conciliate work, with college, family, boyfriend, friends, church, drawings and books that I love and you also need a time for taking care of yourself.
And I'm not even married yet xD Thanks God

Well, what's the point? I don't have time to draw like I used to. I knew this day was comming soon :la:
But I'm excited. Let's do it??

I'm still drawing, but less than I was on vacations. :points: Commissions are still open guys, check out the prices here:…

Another thing. As you can see I change my avatar  :la: yaaay, has been a long time I wanted to do it. For those who didn't see it yet, I also made some changes at my blog. It's so cool, check it out there.

Hope you are all good.
See you soon.

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Mon Nov 14, 2011, 1:47 PM

Hello fellas!

I'm here, humble and desperate, asking you to DONATE points. xD Okay, I'm not too desperate, but I'm worried about my premium membership. I have only three months and need points to request another premium. And I only have 80 :points: until now so, you know.

As we all are in the end of the semester, I imagine that I'm not the only one with so many college projects to do. BUT I'm still doing a lot of diferent stuff, making new drawings at my sketchbook at my freetime etc.
So guys, ASK FOR COMMISSIONS PLEASE! :la: I'm still in the mood of doing this so enjoy it! More informations about :points: commissions here at the left sidebar <--- (:points: COMMISSIONS)
If you don't have points to donate you can direct me to a good friend who has it. I'll appreciate it so much! Really. :hug:

Well, soon I'll show a lot of new stuff at my blog, so you can check it out there

I''ll be back soon with new drawings : )

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Hey everybody, how's it going?

Has been a looooong time that I'm thinking about opening commissions and lately this cute girl :iconfuruha: gave me the idea about POINT commissions.
That's interesting, so I decided to open it!
I'll start with cheap point commissions, and see how it will gonna be. Then I'll open the money commission, maybe next year or something like that.

:bulletblack: SKETCHES  

- Face: 30 :points: each
- Chibi: 40 :points: each  
- Halfbody: 50 :points: each   
- Fullbody: 70 :points: each
----> digital ink: + 50 :points:

:bulletyellow: TRADITIONAL (color pencils or watercolor pencils)

- Face: 100 :points:  > extra chara: + 80 :points:  each    
- Chibi: 110 :points:  > extra chara: + 90 :points:  each   
- Halfbody: 160 :points:  > extra chara: + 140 :points:  each   
- Fullbody: 190 :points:  > extra chara: + 170 :points:  each   
---->SIMPLE BACKGROUND: + 70 :points:   DETAILED BACKGROUND + 250 :points:

:bulletpink: DIGITAL ( ONLY VECTOR)

- Face: 120 :points:  > extra chara: 90 :points:  each
- Chibi: 130 :points:  > extra chara: 110 :points:  each   
- Halfbody: 190 :points:  > extra chara: 170 :points:  each
- Fullbody: 220 :points:  > extra chara: 200 :points:  each  &nbsp
---->SIMPLE BACKGROUND: + 70 :points:   DETAILED BACKGROUND + 300 :points:

:devart: Note me with these informations:
- tell me what do you want, describe it.
- I need references (pictures, colors, other drawings of the character, etc) the more you tell/show me the better I'll draw what you really want.
- if I think the informations you gave are insuficient I'll let you know.

Remmembering that you are giving the point to the scanned pic right? You take from my gallery.
->DON'T DRAW hentai, yaoi and yuri stuff, violence stuff, demons and dragons.
That's it for now. If you want me to draw anything that is not in that list at the top we can discuss about it and I'll see if I can do it and the prices (points).
If I forgot about something please, let me know.


Bye then.
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Albino Llama Request *-*

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 10, 2011, 7:59 PM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

Hi all

Guys, I'm totally CRAZY to have an albino llama! Til some days ago I was thinking that you get a cute albino llama with 50 badges. NOT TRUE!   :no:

You have to get ONE THOUSAND badges, that's right??!!! I almost cried cause I'm with 41 only. I'm confused, I still think it's 50 badges only. Someone told me that is one thousand. ( an't remember now who was.)
HELP ME? :la::la::la:   

I'll do like this: To every llama badge I recieve here on I'll give you one back. And for every WATCH too!

So please guys, help a poor little girl that is desperate for an albino llama!! (the cutest in the world)  :excited:

Well I wanted to thank you guys for all the favs and watches I've recieved this last few days. I'm so glad!! Thank you so much for that!!

I'm back to college, the class began and let's work it babe!


God bless you all!

Bye then,


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Semester DONE

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 17, 2011, 10:09 PM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

Long time no update a jornal

Let's share something here: this semester was AMAZING!
I made new friends, the guys at college are so kind and funny and I'll miss'em this vacations.
I had wonderful teachers and now I understand A LOT more of Graphic Design. Not that I'm an expert, cause I have so many things to learn, and we always do, but because now I understand things that I didn't used to.

Well, that's just something I wanted to say, it's not much. For those who follow me here and my updates I'm sure you noticed some diference in my drawings.

I'm on vacations and planning a lot of new drawings and stuff to show up here.

For those who don't know, here's my blog ->

And see you soon



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Check out!!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 16, 2011, 7:00 PM
Hey guys

How is it going?

Some time ago I started with a blog stuff. =D

I only forgot to share here with you people, and I really hope you enjoy it. The drawings I post there I also update here, but there I explain better and put some sketches sometimes.


Well, just something to update my jornal, nothing so awesome.

Thank you for coming here



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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 27, 2011, 7:25 AM
Hey all!

How's everything?

Well people, I guess I'll start doing commissions , what do you think?

I need money and I always wanted to do it.

I'll organize things, see the prices and everything.

I'll update it soon okay?



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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 1, 2011, 12:40 PM

This year is beginning with new things. I'm with a new jornal. I took me all morning to do this simple thing.

I want to thank :iconkyara17: and :iconparororo:  

I asked them how they did them jornal skins. ( check them gallery, they're awesome artists )

I made it by here:

Well I'm also doing more digital drawings. I'll update it soon.

Thank you all for favorites and comments!!

Bye then.

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University :)

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 4, 2011, 11:33 AM
First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I wish all the best. This'll be a great year, a year of achievements and new drawings to us all.

And I'm so happy that I'll go to university!!
I will study graphic design! *-*

Just thought you wanted to know.

By the way, thank you for the support and comments, I really apreciate it.
I'm on vacations, so I will try to draw more.  o/



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