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Published: January 10, 2013
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Lysa and Holster... and tansy :(
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The show was what got me into the books, and this kinda of revelations is what make reading them worthwile. Getting this backstory made me see Lysa as the tragic figure she is, instead of just the crazy bitch
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Her father, husband and Petyr are to blame for what Lysa had become, and it was because of that she caused the death of Jon and Ned and her sister's death and why she is cruel to Sansa.
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By the Seven, I had such a positive opinion of Lord Hoster and then I find out about this. I keep thinking, if he had let Lysa marry Littlefinger and not Jon Arryn, Jon and Ned would still be alive.  
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and poor Lysa would not have suffered so much :( 
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Maybe she would've been moderately sane.
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Or maybe everyone around her should have considered her a person with actual feelings, and not a thing to be used?

Maybe her sanity was deeply affected by the fact that her father, her husband and Baelish only dealt with her according to their own interests??

Maybe you should blame the people who used or disregarded her mental health problems to further achieve their own goals and then disposed of her in the most cruel ways? 

What a concept, huh? 
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Well, she definitely had her issues and they should've made sure she had help, but this is Westeros, after all. A shrink would hard to come by. Also, she was just doing her duty as a Tully when she married Jon Arryn. Cat did hers as did Edmure, so Lord Hoster wouldn't have asked any less of his son than he did of his daughters. Which is a novel concept in the Seven Kingdoms.
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I'm not complaining about the lack of shrinks, but about the lack of respect... I'm not saying Lysa is a saint, but that the actual problem is essentially with Westerosi society being shitty, not with Lysa not having good mental health to begin with.
Her mental health would never have been a problem, nor gotten as bad as it did, if she wasn't used and abused over and over (by perfectly sane people, mind you)
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Lysa is a woman who has had shit repeatedly taken away from her.  her childhood crush, Petyr, was essentially taken away from her.  As was the child they concieved together.  She's had several babies taken away from her by The Gods, so it's no wonder she's so psychotically protective of her precious little Sweetrobin.  And people have repeatedly tried to take him away and foster him elsewhere.  She's been screwed over all her life.
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i agree ofc, Lysa is a victim :(
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