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Make America White Again shoulda been his motto. Drop the BS and tell the people what you're really up to. Hell half the ignorant American fucktards will still vote for you. Great drawing capturing the characteristics of what can only be described as a cartoon caricature of a president.

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Das entlarvende ist der Nazi- bzw. der Hitler-Vergleich. Aber nicht für Trump! :D

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hahah brilliant work , i cant stand the horrid creep but really love how you have captured the moment , great image you don't notice at first then the horror dawns on you.... which is much what happened to his more sensible supporters.

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Uma ideia tão distorcida de quem não pensa como vc só pode vir de uma mente de esquerda.

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If ever get the chance Watch "Sassy Justice" on Youtube it's a trip

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can you please draw his feet

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No comment beyond this: I have nothing nice to say about the man, but I do love this caricature of him. You nailed the expression.

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Great work. You really captured both his evil and his buffoonery.

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Wooow, thanks, glad you liked !

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The bloody tie connecting to the book is a nice detail. Great job!
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Yeah, "bloody ties" :D , thanks a lot !

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Really nailed the head! :clap: but the body? he's a chubby old man, not an ex-bodybuilder.

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Thanks man, it's because he always wears these extra large suits

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Hey, thanks a lot buddy !!!

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Wooow Thanks a lot my friend !!

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This one is going to get you some flak, but it is awesome!

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:D Thaaaanks man !!

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He looks like he just found the centerfold.

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