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Eternal Twilight part 3

after a long creator's block here is part three of eternal twilight, hope everyone likes it!

first: [link]

last: [link]

next: coming soon
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Alexander-Krozz's avatar
 I was curious if this ever continued
sadly it has not. 

either way, i still love your work 
ponpon-Starglory's avatar
please continue this?
Hebbocake's avatar
Another dead comic..
Drakin929's avatar
Watching in the hops of seeing this continue. :)
If you're going to start something then finsh it
Zera18's avatar
Agreed people do this too often
Riniginianna's avatar
please continue this!! its really good!
Floppynagoshious's avatar
Is it coming out soon?? (Not rushing but please don't stop it!)😀
SeleneDaLune's avatar
You say it is coming soon...But when, WHEN!!!!!!!!
JNinelives's avatar
I think I need a hug now!
What's going to happen?

(no pressure though man, stay cool)
Metis12375's avatar
This is really interesting so far, PLEEASE update it! I don't mean to pressure you too much but... Please. It's too awesome.
thasbrony's avatar
please update ;(
daveisverydramatic's avatar
This is really great!!! I hope you can update soon, but I'm not going to rush it
ScarletNightMoon's avatar
cmon please hurry its really good
When is next part
You ever going tp up[date this comic or is it dead? Sorry just like to know.
Sky-Zoned's avatar
Wow, a comic series where Twilight is the enemy >:) Can't wait to see how this plays out :3
rnko26's avatar
shes not an enemy shes just gone bonkers
Its kinda true though. I would react just like Twilight too.  Immortality, a terrible thing to have depending on the ones who receive it.

I like where this is going and i would wrote you a note but since its only at page 3, i will say it here.

Its a good story and your drawing is good. 
The-Bloody-Bishop's avatar
Will you continue this story sometime in the future? In my fallible opinion, Dark Twilight stories are better when Twilight grows corrupt not despite friendship, but because of it. It'll be interesting to see where else you take the plot~
juanrock's avatar
I agree with you, problem is that im in the worst artistic hole of my life, last couple of months i've drawn next to nothing
The-Bloody-Bishop's avatar
Oh man, that's gotta suck. Sorry to hear that. >_<" Anything I can do to help you through this time?
juanrock's avatar
Don't worry, showing interest is actually a pretty good way to help me, here I'm hoping that I'm back to drawing soon enough.
The-Bloody-Bishop's avatar
In that case, I'll read and look at more of your stuff! 
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