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A tribute to Steve Jobs, and incredible man that will iLive forever in our minds.

For this illustration I took more than 2.500 messages people left after his dead. I spread the most commonly used words over a portrait of Jobs. After a couple different tryous I ended with this abstract illustration. This one is my favorite, so I'm going to follow Steve's advice choosing the one I like the more instead of the (probably) most popular.

Most used single words: steve (1026),jobs (813),apple (475),thank (397),world (359),rip (352),one (346),peace (322),family (248),rest (230),technology (230),like (215),people (215),man (214),great (213),products (212),may (208),innovative (202),genius (194),thing (192),just (191),sad (182),missed (180),time (178),live (172),life (153),changed (150),computer (148),brilliant (147),legacy (147),made (136),never (136),read (136),history (129),forever (127),find (124),know (124),many (123),years (122),good (120),iphone (120),day (119),go (119),can (116),future (115),way (112),now (111),visionary (111),love (110),person (110),invent (107),taken (107),work (107),died (105),team (105),make (104),mr (104),level (103),company (102),god (98),think (98),mac (96),use (96),propel (95),tombstone (95),true (95),much (94),ipad (93),say (92),better (91),come (87),even (87),see (87),cancer (86),get (84),vision (78),always (77),really (77),well (77),lost (76),still (76),truly (76),remember (71),respect (71),first (69),friends (69),best (67),created (67),hope (66),ever (65),american (64),news (64),take (64),human (63),ipod (63),today (63),passing (62),inspiration (60),long (57),death (56),lot (56),bless (55),fan (55),want (54),condolences (53),give (52),done (51)...

Two words comobo: steve jobs (524),rest in peace (183),rip steve (143),one more thing (104),may his family (102),find peace (100),family find (96),jobs and his team (96),forever be our future (95),genius to the level (95),history that have taken (95),legacy will forever (95),level steve (95),propel technology (95),taken genius (95),team did to propel (95),thank you and may (95),tombstone should read (95),thank you steve (85),apple products (83),changed the world (68),sad day (51),god bless (40),condolences to his family (34),peace steve (34),may you rest (33),world a better (32),family and friends (31),rip mr (26),better place (25),thomas edison (24),great man (23),personal computer (23),true visionary (22),world has lost (20),apple fan (19),good apple (19),great innovator (19),thanks for everything (19),apple bites (18),bill gates (18),bites you gave (18),many people (18),one of the greatest (18),steve for the good (18),hard work (15),henry ford (14),hope apple (14),like apple (14),like steve (14),world will miss (14),may god (13),miss you steve (13),mr jobs (13),pancreatic cancer (13),passed away (13),people like (13),sad news (13),changed my life (12),go out to his family (12),just like (12),long time (12),thoughts and prayers (12),american icon (11),apple computer (11),brilliant man (11),changed the way (11)...

Three words: may his family find (96),steve jobs and his team (96),family find peace (95),genius to the level steve (95),history that have taken genius (95),jobs and his team did to propel (95),legacy will forever be our future (95),level steve jobs (95),taken genius to the level (95),team did to propel technology (95),thank you and may his family (95),rip steve jobs (50),rest in peace steve (31),may he rest in peace (30),world a better place (19),apple bites you gave (18),good apple bites (18),thank you steve jobs (18),steve for the good apple (17),thank you steve for the good (17),condolences to his family and friends (13),peace steve jobs (10),changed the world for the better (9),god bless you and your family (9),make the world a better (9),like steve jobs (8),prayers go out to his family (8),may your soul rest (7),steve jobs was one (7),use apple products (7),go into the history books (6),god bless steve (6),graphical user interface (6),rip mr jobs (6),steve jobs will be missed (6)...

Thank you and Bon Voyage Steve!.
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God speed to him! One man who changed our world for ever. See ya in the iCloud Steve
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amazing concept!
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