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The Mentalist

The Mentalist

The Mentalist is one of my favorites TV shows, probably because Patrick Jane is insanely funny but, at the same time, it looks like he has a hidden ‘dark’ side. And, of course, I love the way he break the rules.

For this image I analyzed english dialogues of the first two seasons, and here you have the most used words: jane (449), guys (368), sorry (358), lisbon (302), agent (252), murder (248), cho (201), nice (190), rigsby (189), kid (167), boss (152), john (152), van (147), cbi (141), husband (140), pelt (139), real (139), excuse (132), phone (125), truth (117), patrick (116), killer (114), stuff (111), police (110), couple (108), anyone (107), cop (107), victim (99), drugs (97), somebody (97), charge (96), arrest (95), investigation (94), hurt (92), nobody (92), hell (90), mom (89), shot (87), jim (82), lawyer (81), dad (80), whatever (80), crime (78), damn (78), suspect (77), serious (76), bosco (75)…

I know this image looks a little bit crazy, but all on this tv show looks distorted so I feel it must be the spirit of the show.
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I'm incredibly impressed by your artwork. Creating faces out of words - it's genius.

Moreover Patrick Jane looks so real, the expression of his eyes. It's touching, you did not only manage to get everything right, you even expressed the character's soul.

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Whaoo that's awsome!! I love your idea of making Jane's face with words...
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This is stunning! Wonderfully done!
Is this something hard to do?
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Well I have my own technique and tools... I would say its really fun for me!
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I love Simon Baker! He's a great actor.
JuanOsborne's avatar
Yeah, and we are close to the Season Finale!
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Yeah, I'm excited! I've heard that it will be ending, is that true? I'm truly devastated. :( 
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wow... just wow. Love it Clap Love 
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That's amazing! I love the Mentalist! :D
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This is amazing!!!!!!!! :)
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OMG I can't stopp looking
That's soooooooooooo cool !!!!!!!!
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awesome! amazing!
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omg this is amazing! great work!
BloodCurdlingRaccoon's avatar
I first thought this was just a collection of words related to the series, combined to fit the context. This however is breathtaking! I admire you for analyzing and sorting that words, not to mention all the time you put in creating that final picture!
Art-For-Our-Hearts's avatar
This is an incredible idea and a stunning piece. Amazing :)
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I'm watching the mentalist right now. AS soon as I save up enough i want this on m wall.
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Why no Red John? I was going crazy trying to find it,When I gave up I then saw your description of the words used. Ahh!!!
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