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Kurt Cobain - Nirvana

We are talking about music again. Now we will look at Nirvana lyrics. Kurt Cobain portrait as base imagen.

Most used words: like (63), go (48), take (45), want (40), yeah (39), make (36), never (36), can (34), know (33), get (32), just (32), hey (31), got (30), one (30), see (30), oh (29), say (29), happy (28), way (28), heart (27), think (24), find (23), something (23), day (22), night (21), time (21), come (20), die (20), eyes (20), now (20), shame (20), wish (20), away (19), friend (19), new (19), said (19), love (18), back (16), dive (16), hurts (16), else (15), feel (15), nothing (15), pick (15), ain’t (14), cross (14), kiss (14), light (14), mean (14), cold (13), help (13), hung (13), keep (13), look (13), sun (13), wait (13), another (12), eat (12), face (12), fun (12)…

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how could you do this, dude.... amazing
Goodnight412's avatar
this is an awesome piece.could i have some tips
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The true is I'm using my own tools and techniques that helps me to create this kind of illustrations. It's something like a chain of tools, highly experimental, that looks more like pure code without a proper shell. For me it's ok because I can add modification to the code on the fly when I want to try a new idea or something.

So I'm not using any other software like photoshop nor illustrator. Of course I need an image editor to deal with the seed image, but from that point I use only my crazy tools.

I can point you to some application you can find out there (some of them freeware) that could help you to do something similar. Textorizer, Digital Auto Painting, Andrea Mosaic or a brand new app for Iphone called FotoWord or WordFoto. Also there are a lot of tutorial explaining how to do it 'by hand', just do a quick search using Google!, for example: [link]
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did u follow the last tutorial on that link you sent me?,thanks for the link and help this is a awesome piece
JuanOsborne's avatar
Hi GoodNight,

No, I didn't!... As I told you I did my own tools!!!

But those tutorials looks great!

Kind Regards.
Goodnight412's avatar
ok im just trying to follow on what you did im trying to learn this kind of typography myself.
JuanOsborne's avatar
Also tried to learn for myself, but at one point I dind't find any thing that does what I want, so I decided to create it by myself.

all the best!
Rammsx's avatar
vamos, realmente tu página es increible, tus trabajos son asombrosos... he visto varias composiciones por texto, he hecho un par... pero lo llevaste a otro nivel... sinceramente me encanta; el de Hitchcock está de poca madre, muchas felicidades.
JuanOsborne's avatar
Muchas gracias Rammsx!!!:-)
MSCMarauder's avatar
wait.... what.... wow... how did.... haha speechless!! gotta love nirvana! what software did you use?
JuanOsborne's avatar
My own software/approach... :-) I coded my own tools that helps me in the spread process
Yassiine's avatar
plzz can i ask for the name of the font used on KURT's Name down the page ?!!
thank you.
JuanOsborne's avatar
Arial Black... I Think!
Yassiine's avatar
may be my question wasn't clear, I was talking about the Name Of Kurt in Blue above words nirvana songs :P
Thx anyways !!
oh I love Kurt's typo by the way (Y) Good JOB ^^
JuanOsborne's avatar
Oh, sorry... it's Dax, or Dax Line...
Yassiine's avatar
atulperx's avatar
Sir I have featured your artwork in my typography collection and hope you will like it . I have diverted link to your profile for big image view .

80 Amazing Examples of Typography Portraits :thumbsup: :dance:
JuanOsborne's avatar
Hi Atulperx,

Thank you very much. Good work, Amazing collection!!!

All the best.
m3ntalpiracy's avatar
this is amazing.
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