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Jim Morrison

This time we will talk about Jim Morrison, singer and lyricist of The Doors. He is one of the most iconic men in the rock history, but I want to point you to his poet side. Did you know Morrison improvised poetry while the band was playing live?.

Again I counted the words of all of their lyrics and spread over a well know portrait of Morrison. The words and it’s hits: love (96),yeah (61),tell (56),run (51),girl (47),see (47),come (44),know (44),time (43),baby (41),night (41),get (39),back (38),like (37),one (37),please (37),now (36),end (35),little (35),blue (34),people (30),can (27),make (27),waiting (27),change (26),children (25),oh (25),streets (25),town (25),way (25),got (24),live (24),look (24),sun (24),eyes (23),risin’ (23),go (22),right (22),well (22),woman (22),c’mon (21),good (21),man (21),take (21),free (20),moon (20),blood (19),follow (19),friend (19),l’america (19),must (19),ride (19),want (19),break (18),city (18),dead (18),gone (18),lies (18),listen (18),need (18),soon (18),strange (18),world (18),snake (17),summer (17)…

And again “love” is the first one.

He used it only in six songs, but “little girl” is the most commonly used two words combo, with 16 hits.

You can also download a wallpaper version from my website [link]

This is the end Jim… Wild soul we will miss forever.
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Awensome Job on him, I loved it
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These are amazing!!!
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Wow this mind blowing.
Is it possible to have pics in better quality (size) please ? Because I REALLY LOVEEEE and I would like to print in big :)

Thank you very much !!
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you mean to upload a higher resolution?
Kind Regards.
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incredible! Wow!
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Jim Morrison in my heart)
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They're Waiting to Take us to the Served Garden Death Makes Angels of Us and Gives Wings from Ravens Shoulders and Claws No More Money But a Fiest of Friends to the Giant Family
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wonderful lyric!
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MAN IS AWESOME! How did you do? Could you direct me to some tutorial??
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The true is I'm using my own software that helps me to create this kind of illustrations. It's something like a chain of tools, highly experimental, that looks more like pure code without a proper shell. For me it's ok because I can add modification to the code on the fly when I want to try a new idea or something. I love to have my own way! :-)

So I'm not using any other software like photoshop nor illustrator. Of course I need an image editor to deal with the seed image, but from that point I use only my crazy tools.

Knowing that hope you understand it's hard to teach someone without my tools.

I can point you to some application you can find out there (some of them freeware) that could help you. Textorizer, Digital Auto Painting, Andrea Mosaic or a brand new app for Iphone called FotoWord or WordFoto. Also there are a lot of tutorial, just do a quick search using Google!, for example: [link]

Hope it helps!
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I love him!
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thx Tenebrian :-))
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Wow this is amazing I'm surprised nobody as commented yet! Awesome work! :clap:
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thx FlyyPhoenix! :-)
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