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ArchLinux Screenshot May 2013

By Juanma90
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System: ArchLinux.
Arch: x86_64.
Kernel: 3.9.
Desktop: XFCE 4.10.
Wallpaper: Black (only 1280x800).
My Conky: Op.center.
1. The system is installed on a SSD. Boot-up time: 3.6 secs.
2. Now, I use Netctl (before netcfg). Now, thanks to systemd and netctl, wireless performance has been increased 10-15%.
3. The /etc/systemd/logind.conf file has been edited for when you close your laptop, this don't enter on suspend mode.
4. Xfce4-panel is not installed. Gtk theme: Elementary. Icons: Gnome3.8 and Circle Icons. Fonts: Ubuntu.
5. My Gimp startup image. Here the original image.
6. Separate partition to /home. Hot directories and caches have been moved to RAM:
* /tmp
* /var/cache
* /var/lib/pacman
* /var/log
* /var/tmp
* Chromium cache.
7. I use 5 scripts:
1.Conky.sh (start conky on startup).
2.Dock.sh (start wbar on startup).
3.Enery.sh (to disable energy saving mode of my monitor, on startup) => "xset s off -dpms".
4.Moc.sh (with it, I can run moc player from Wbar) => "xfce4-terminal -e mocp".
5.Screenshot.sh (to take screenshots with 'Scrot' pushing Prtsc key).
8. Applications: Wbar and 3 shortcuts:
* Chromium: Windows + Z.
* Terminal: Alt + X.
* Screenshot: Prtsc.

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nice setup and outstanding description
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like photoshop..
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Looks good and usable. 3.6sec start-up time ain't so bad either.