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ArchLinux Screenshot May 2011

ArchLinux with Gnome2.

I hate Gnome3!
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you guy all sound mad
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There's an updated version of gnome-panel with a lot of bug fixes and optimizations in Gnome 3. There's a lot more to Gnome 3 than Gnome Shell, if you're a classic user.

Don't know if they're going to keep improving gnome-panel a lot (not much to improve after this release, really), but at least it's better than what they had in Gnome 2. I wonder if people will port the non-compatible applets soon, as well.

[link]! Worth a quick read even if you don't plan on using it.
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Hrm- for some reason dA doesn't think the ! is part of the URL - just tag it on the end to see the page. Lookin' good, regardless. Since Elementary has already been ported to work with GTK 3, you could have an identical setup to what you're showing here, just with updated applications. Might be worth a look.
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Thanks, I take it a look!
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once you figure out that gnome3 can look exactly like this with a click of a few buttons, you will change your mind, lol. Read the manual, it will help, that's why we put it there, hehe.
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I installed Gnome3 when it was out and it didn't like me. The toolbars are very big and i didn't have found any theme that like me.

Maybe in a few months, I'll give it a second chance.
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agreed, gnome has just found new ways to suck.... and I thought gnome 2 was limetlessly hideous :-|
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