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Just a fanart of this game character that I find very charming.
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Wow, what a coincidence; I've just seen this piece on the front page after three minutes ago visiting your portfolio. Do you believe in destiny?

Anyway, another awesome piece from you. I love the depth of field effect; it gives the piece a very three-dimensional look.

One thing I would say to you, is that if you want the piece to be seen by a wider range of people, I would add 'Legend Of The Mystical Ninja', and 'Kid Ying' to the tag list in some form; I don't know whether it's the same where you live, but here in the UK we knew the characters as 'Kid Ying' and 'Dr. Yang' (as opposed to Goemon and Ebisumaru). It's a great piece, and I want it to be as popular as it can be. :nod:
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Okay, thank you for your advice. I will add those tags.

To be honest, I don't know that much about the localization of these games. I just know them from their original names and played a bit the japanese roms via emulator. And I loved the character designs and style. I wish I knew them better when I started working on my own retro japanese themed videogame.
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No problem! I'm not particularly knowledgable about localisation myself, but the piece is so good that I wanted it to be seen by as many people as possible. We never know who is looking at our work; it may be that someone from the UK (for instance!) who sees this, may be your next client. A small step like adding tags, can result in big things! :nod: