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It's been a while since I've been on here. Just the usually, balancing life, down time, and making time to be creative. Which can be hard when you have a full time job and your free time is either spent cleaning or just relaxing. Things are getting better, but most of my free time is not geared towards creative projects. But hopefully that will be changing within the next month or so.
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So lately, as my personal life has finally started to setting into some semblance of normal, I've been tackling the ever growing pile of "papers". In reality, there ideas for animations or the starting of drawings that I haven't gotten to yet. And now I'm trying to get to them. In addition to allowing time for me to catch up on video games or watching movies with my boyfriend.

It's been hard. I'll see the pile, become so overwhelmed that I can't even deal with. But enough procrastinating. Time to get back to work.
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So I had to take a day job. I've been trying for a while to make money with my art in some way. But my problem is that I'm very, very, very shy and its hard for me to approach new clients. As a result, I haven't been as successful as I would like to be. So I got a somewhat part-time job (they have me working 30 hours) to have some steady income. I still want to continue with my art and hopefully when I'm not so worried about money I can take a bit more risks and work on being less shy.

Now for almost a year I was going to this Figure Drawing thing near where I live. Just a nude model that would pose and a group of people would sit around and draw. It's only run two nights during the week, and my new "job" has me working evening shifts on those nights. Now, I could use a break from this drawing thing. As I said I go to it religiously. Most of my drawings are posted there. I just don't know if I should request my boss to give me that night off to go to it. I just really don't know what to do.
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I just finished up a horrible week where everything I tried to do, I couldn't because there was something wrong. Either something broke or I was missing supplies needed to work on it. But it's over and I was able to fix all my problems.

Its a good thing that I uploaded some new images, because lately all I've been working on has been the drawings I do at my figure drawing event I go to. This is a good reminder for me to work on something new. Or at least finish up a lot of projects that I'm in the middle of.
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As I've gotten older, I've really gotten into manga. Well, comics all around. My local library has a great selection and I've been renting them by the bagful. While I was there I found this neat series called Bizenghast by M. Alice Legrow. I enjoyed it all around, and loved how unique the artwork was.

Now I love reading the artist bio. I find them to be neat incites. My favorite is the ones for Dragon Ball Z. So when I was at the end of the first volume of Bizenghast, I read the author's statement. And it was very rude. The artist wrote that this is their first published work and the characters are very close to the author. And if you are to cosplay "Dinah", do it right or don't do her at all. Then I find out in volume two that Legrow does cosplay herself.

I understand someone who does cosplay wants her characters to be represented correctly. But not everyone is as accomplished seamstress. People learn by trying and making mistakes. Also, when a person cosplays, they are a walking billboard. Think about it. Even if its not of good quality, people will still come up to that person and ask who they are.

I personally don't have any fans (outside my parents), but I understand networking and basic marketing. Never say no to more people being exposed to your work. The more exposed, the more who are going to buy, which in turns allows you to continue doing what you love to do. And don't tell people not to cosplay your characters, then have at least a few pages of two of your books with the author cosplaying herself.
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First off, I haven't posted in a while because I look at Deviant Art as my purely artistic website. Anything that I do on it is creative related. I haven't been doing much creatively lately that I want to share with the world, so this is the reason for the lack of entries.

So even though I just mentioned that I only want to post creative things on Deviant Art, this post is going to be about nothing related to the art world at all. I just need a short break before I go back to work on it.

I had some time before I have to go to work today, so I decided like most days to start with going through my e-mail address. I have a hotmail account that I've used since college. Well, when I try to log in, I find out that my account has been used to send spam and its locked. So I need to set up a new e-mail account in order to get the information I needed just to log into the old one. Now hotmail has been bugging me for a while. On my account I get tons of spam and it take me a good while just to clean it up. But this made me said forget it to hotmail. I set up a Google+ account and am in the process of switching EVERYTHING to my gmail account. Luckily I was able to get the same handle for my gmail address, but this still is annoying. I'm still going to keep the hotmail account just in case of a password reset. And hopefully once everything is taken care of it won't take me 20 minutes just to go through my e-mail. But it still irks me.
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Recently, I rented from the library a documentary for us to watch. Now I've seen it before, but I wanted my boyfriend to see it. It's called "My kid could paint that" and it's about Marla Olmstead, a four year old who makes abstract paintings that sell for millions.

What's so great about this movie is that it brings up a lot of questions about art and what is art. Now Marla's work is very abstract, similar to Pollack. I have done abstract work. But, when I've done it, I've just sat down and painted for the sake of painting. No goal or mindset in particular. And sometimes the results are good, sometimes bad. It's very objective. To me, its easy to create and simple to look at. Since there's no defined images, people won't get upset at all. It's what you find hanging in a hotel.

Here's the other point that the movie brought up. Is Marla making art, or is she just being a kid? When I was young, my mom had a bin full of crayons. Whenever she had to do something in the kitchen, she would bring the bin out and I could color to my hearts content. The point I'm getting at is, Marla is just being a kid. But because someone was able to sell it correctly, they made money.

I recommend any artist watch it. It raises a lot of good questions and makes you wonder.
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So my last working gig ended, and now I have to figure out what to do. I'm still applying to jobs like the rest of the world, but that hasn't stopped me from producing. It's slow, but I'm making things. Problem is, about 10% of what I make I actually think is good. So, I'm wondering, should I try to sell my work? I follow many artists here, and I have nowhere near the amount of work to realistically open a store. That doesn't mean that I'm going to stop. Just, what should I do with everything I make? I give some to my family as gifts, but that's starting to get boring.

I've got a MeetUp group tonight in the city that has nude sketching. Hopefully it works out. I've been trying to find a group for me, but nothing is out here in the suburbs. If it works out, I'll definitely have stuff to upload.


Journal Entry: Fri Jun 4, 2010, 12:45 PM
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Just using this to test out the journal skin. I want to design one for myself.


journal skin by sempiternia
Well, I thought that I didn't want to be on Deviant Art any more, but over two years later I changed my mind. Sigh.

I'm in Illinois now. This makes me happy, cause then I don't have to deal with the Texas summers. Last summer it was 110 degrees all summer long with the heat index. Ugh.
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Time is my enemy. There never seems to be enough time for me to do anything. I'm working full time at Macy's (which I hate) and some days its so hard for me to want to do anything when I get home when I've been on my feet for the past 7 hours. I can't tell you when the last time I've done any artwork at all. I've got there "little" animations that still aren't done. To top it off, my parents are out of town and I'm stuck taking care of the house. Some days I wish that I had the ability to stop time. I wonder if then I'll get more things done, or I'll still be in the same boat.
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You know, I was planning on doing two pieces for one of the many contests that are held here. Today's the day it's due and it has to be done in about an hour because I have plans with my parents and I'm going to meet them. It's just not happening. I'm still going to finish the pieces though. I liked the ideas. I'm just such a perfectionist that I don't want to turn in crap. Hopefully they'll turn out nice. I'm not a big Photoshop person, and they're primarily being done in Photoshop. We'll see how they'll look in the end
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I've doing art, I swear. It's just been hard for me to balance it with all the other things I have to do.
You see, people, I'm unemployeed. I just graduated from college this May and as of yet I've been unable to find a job. I'd love to work as an animator, doing any kind of animation, but I've been told that my skills aren't good enough. No worries, no worries. I'll just work on them more. So I've been looking into Graphic Designer jobs. I love art and I'd like to have a job doing art. So far nothing's come through. And I've thought about freelance, but that's really isn't my thing.
So most of my time is spend job hunting and appling. Which doesn't leave as much time as I would like to work on my own stuff. I'll have some new to post up soon, give me time.
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My website's up and fuctional. Yes! It took way too long to do. I still am going to tweak it every so often, but it's finally done. Now I can focus on other, more important things.
I do recommend anyone who wants their own website to use Fr33webhost. For free you get 5 G of storage space, which was the most I found out of all the free webhosts. And, like all of them, you can upgrade and pay for their services. But for anyone who's just starting, this site is perfect.
On the plus side I found on my external hard drive the Hitman story that I did my Narrative series do. I'm thinking of soon taking it and making a comic book out of it. Hopefully it turns out good.

Here's my website again

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Goddamned stinking WEBSITE!!! I was planning on one day, maybe two days max to update it. The same layout as my last version, except instead of it being in Flash it's done in ImageReady. Due to visual complications I'm looking at day number 4 on it.
I have this great logo that I made and that I like. So I took the old version and set them up on all my pages for my website. I had done this little animation in Flash and I was planning on cleaning it up. I take one look at it and realize that the dogs are different from the dogs that I was using. And they're so much nicer looking. So I have to trace it cause the video is so tiny (I like to work big, than scale down) and you know how it is when you scale something up. And I still haven't made my avitar yet. Argh!
I'm uploading my logo, cause I think it's awesome and I'm finally happy with it.
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So I finally got all my artwork uploaded on here. It's also the same that I use on my website. I still need to make an avitar for myself. I know what I'm going to do, I just haven't had a chance to draw it yet. And I'm still debating whether to have it animated or not. And if I do, is it a gif animation?
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I finally got all my artwork transferred over onto this computer and am now uploading them in here. I didn't realize how nice this site is. It even has Creative Commons licensing. How awesome is that?
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So I finally broke down and joined this site. I've heard about it ever since I started college and also since I began reading Zap in Space. (I love Pascalle's work), but I just never had any interest in joining. But now, I kind of do. But it's not so much as interest as a need.
For the longest time I poo pooed digital arts. To me, it's done on a computer. Who's to know that an artist spend hours of work on a piece or just hit "execute" on the keyboard? I'm still kind of iffy about it, but I figured, why not just try? We'll see how it goes. I still like traditional mediums for my art. I like how absolute it is. If you mess up, that's it. There's no starting over, unlike stuff of the computer. I wish that I had Corel Painter though. I prefer that program to Photoshop, but I might as well work with what I have.
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