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By Juanele
It's been a long, long time since my last journal update, which was from 2010! In this two years I've been really focused in developing my webcomics in my own site, moco-comics.com (in spanish) and en.moco-comics.com (in english). Anyways, I would not like to leave my deviant art account abandoned, after all, it was here where all my drawing experiences using the internet, began. And it was here where I met lots of wonderful people from my own country and beyond, which in time I called friends. I've met lots of talented artists here, and I learned and I'm still learning a lot just by watching and enjoying their works. So, as I realize my work still needs lots of improvement, I found this 30 day drawing challenge and I want to give it a try, let's see if I can. I'll just put the list here, I'm sure everyone has read it but is a reminder:

Day 1: Yourself
Day 2: Favorite Animal
Day 3: Favorite Food
Day 4: Favorite Place
Day 5: Best Friend
Day 6: Favorite Book Character (Can't be a movie)
Day 7: Favorite Word
Day 8: Favorite Animated Character
Day 9: Favorite TV Show
Day 10: Favorite Candy
Day 11: Turning Point In Your Life
Day 12: Most Recent Accomplishment
Day 13: Comic
Day 14: Favorite Fairytale
Day 15: Family Picture
Day 16: Inspiration
Day 17: Favorite Plant
Day 18: Just a Doodle
Day 19: Something New
Day 20: Something Orange
Day 21: Something You Want
Day 22: Something You Miss
Day 23: Something You Need
Day 24: A Couple
Day 25: Scenery
Day 26: Something You Don't Like
Day 27: Someone You Love!
Day 28: Anything You'd Like
Day 29: A Place You Want To Go
Day 30: A Congrats Banner For Finishing The Challenge
© 2012 - 2021 Juanele
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suena duro, ánimo y a por ello!
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anímese usted también, joven!
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no time my mexican friend...:S, muchos proyectos me rondan....ains...
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yeeei! si hazlo! te lo ordeno :)
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Shiii! Toy usando el Deviant de nuevo, lo tenía reteabandonado