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So I dunno about anyone else, but DeviantArt is not working for me. The majority of images and all image previews display only an empty space with a broken image icon in the corner, regardless of browser. As such, I'm probably not going to be around much for a while.

In the meantime, my art tumblr will continue to be posting art once a week. You can find it at

If anyone has any ideas on how to go about trouble-shooting my picture problem, I'd appreciate it if you let me know; I'll still be checking in on my notes from time to time.

Bye for now.
Back from Feral!, where I had an excellent time. Did some commissions, and in the next little while I'll be cleaning up the ones I took pictures of to post them on here.
I am very much enjoying the weekly lifedrawing workshops I've been attending, and I hope you guys arn't feeling too swamped by all the nudes. Rest assured I have not switched my favored subject matter, and hope to have more fantasy content up soon.

Made up a commission price-list before heading out into the wilderness, so if anyone wants to hit me up for that feel free!
Updated 2018 Commission Price List by Juandfr
I hear that the Furnal Equinox coming up has a retro arcade/fighting game theme, so I'll have to try combining my strengths into making some pixel badges. Will be back with examples after I experiment a bit on that.

I also wanted to mention that if anyone is wanting prints of anything, send me a note and I'll enable prints. (fanart excepted, though if a bunch of people are interested I'll look into finding a site that allows fanart prints)
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Getting ready for Feral! later this week. Made Frilled Dragon prints. Wanted to do fuzzball stickers, but they would not have been done in time. I've finishes 12 rubber and steel bracelets for the con, and I'm hoping the sturdier, more masculine look will mean they'll sell better than the fancier/more delicate jewellery I had tried to sell in prior years.

I'm very much enjoying the Saturday life drawing sessions that my family's been going to, even if we are sporadic in attendance. It's a good way to work on my art, particularly as I have been rather lax in practicing as of late.

I'm going to move some of my old art into the scraps folder, as it no longer represents the stage my art is at. I figure that way it'll be out of the way, but unlike stored deviations will still be available to look at by people who like it or are wondering what my artistic history has been like.

Edit: WOW, have I improved a lot!
I'm going to Furnal Equinox in March! I'll try to grab an artist's alley table to sell commissions and stuff, and I'm planning on printing out some business cards to give out.

If anyone wants badges, consider commissioning me now and picking them up at the con! (I'm still working on refining prices, so the ones I've got on previous journals and such may not be final)

Also, I am looking for a hotel roommate! Note me if you're interrested!
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Had an awesome time at camp despite the heat, allergies, climbing a 45+° slope between the main lodge and my cabin, and the horrible horrible profusion of flies. I spent most of my time drawing commissions, which offset the cost of workshops, an Okami print, raffle tickets, and food on the way home. I'll upload the scans and photos soon.

I'm thinking of opening a paypal account and offering commissions outside of cons. Not quite sure of the pricing yet, but it'll definately be a range of prices depending on how much time it'll take. At Feral! I was charging $20 for a full colour bust portrait, which isn't really enough since it ends up taking 5-6 hours of work to do each one. $4 an hour, -materials, just ain't worth my time.
So I'm thinking:

Fuzzballs: $5 1/4 page
                 $10 full page

Busts (portrait*): $15 sketch
                           $20 lineart
                           $25 flat colours
                           $30 full colour
+$5 freehand, +$10 fullbody, x2 print quality (digitally cleaned)

You get a high-quality digital copy, plus the original drawing if you pay the S/H or pick it up yourself at a con I'm attending.

*portraits: I use a photo of you as the base to make the image, drawing your character's features on top. This essentially makes a picture of you as your character.

Hopefully those prices won't seem too unreasonable. I end up getting about $6 an hour. A bit more on the smaller ones, but a lot less on the pricier commissions. Especially for print quality stuff, since I can easily spend 50+ hours making everything perfect.

Anywho, hopefully I'll be able to fund some of my congoing adventures in the future with this. :)
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Just watched Wolverine: Origins. Am now sad. It's a good movie as long as you know nothing about any of the characters. Anything more than a passing knowledge and you're headbashing the keyboard. It's like they decided to make a game of ruining as many characters and plots as possible in a single character's backstory.
Now granted, there are countless alternate versions of events in the marvelverse. And they could have done much worse (see: marvel mangaverse). But still. Deadpool's changes alone would yield an essay, and I'm not going to put you through that rant. Hope his movie will be better; the directors are supposed to be fans, at least. And let's face it: you could get away with a LOT with a Deadpool movie. Lampshades everywhere.
Anywho, I'm tired. Ifer out.
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Feral! was awesome. Didn't participate in as many activities as last year, but was still worth it. Spent most of my time drawing; I find I'm most productive when at cons, weird, huh? Upside of this is since I was doing commissions for $$ this year, I was able to make back some of what I spent going to the con in the first place. Fraction of it, but whatever. Plus, I got in practice and have art to show for myself! Got one up already, will have more soon. Hopefully the individuals will get some nice scans for me, but if not I've still got photos.

Currently working on cleaning up the latest in the cute MH monster series. Almost done.
Also working on art for an adventure that will hopefully be published as soon as I'm done. Taking me forever, but yay first publication!

In other news, I finally updated my avatar. Only changed it a bit, but it was about time the hair was blue. It's been what? five, six years now?
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Short entry to avoid spoilers.

WHY does Ichigo have emo hair? WHY!?

In other news, I'm heading to Feral! soon; wish me luck in the great outdoors! O.O
Also, my birthday's on the in three days~ Woo!~
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Is a collection of deviations really news? Since there are only 6 headlines in the Community News section at the bottom of most pages, features can often dominate the newsbox; trampling more news-worthy articles like interviews, copyright issues, job opportunities, site changes, debates and contests. These are things that are happening in the community, and may affect you either directly or indirectly. With most of the space taken up by features, one can easily miss a news article of vital importance to them.

Now, I'm not reccomending abolishing art features altogether. The fact that they can get to the top of the newsbox in the first place attests to their popularity. Rather, I'd like to suggest having a separate box for them exclusively. It could be put beneath either the existing news box, or under the Deviousness section. Either way, some people can read the news without being distracted by features, and others can look at features without all that news in the way. :)
Know what's annoying? Food cravings.
What's more annoying? When the food you're craving no longer exists!
RRGH! I'm hankering for a nice bag of ketchup chips from Lays, but I can't stand the things since they changed their recipe a few years back. Now they taste far too much like Humpty Dumpty's chips.


Anyways, I'm currently working on a couple of different things. I've recently been playing with the faux shrinky-dink medium, and have two pieces that turned out very well. I'll be posting them at some point in the near future.
Next, I'm making up some art project assignments to send to my sister :iconrobinbirdy: this coming fall, since she can't take any art courses next year. I've got a couple in mind, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them (note me; don't want :iconrobinbirdy: to find out early :))
In addition, I've finally gotten the info needed to start working on some illustrations for :iconslayerdragonwing:, for what will hopefully be the first publication of our up-and-coming gaming/comic company! Woo!

Busy busy; wish me luck!
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I realized, when going to scan and upload a couple of new scetches, that I don't actually have much art on here that I'm proud of.
Partly that's because I posted quite a few very old artworks to demonstrate improvement, but it's also because I have difficulty finishing my projects and am a heavy procrastinator. There are a significant number of peices that I can't post yet because they are from professional projects that have yet to be published, but I've got some stuff lying around (even scanned!) that should definately be in my gallery right now.
I'm going to try to rectify this situation, posting some new work and some old, and hopefully that'll bring the average quality of work up a notch or two.
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Okay, so this is a reply to molten-fire-and-ice.deviantart….

I'll give you a few lines for other-language songs.

The first person to get 10 right (without using google or using someone else's answers), gets a commission!

1. [title]. Pouss' l'ananas et mouds l'café.

2. Come join this trip, have you ever seen a world like this?

3. Itsumo sasaete kureru hito-tachi ni,
Higoro no omoi wo kometa RHAPSODY!
APPRECIATION no kimochi yo todoke,
Itsumo arigatou hontou arigatou,
Tatoe doko ni itatte kimi no sonzai ni kansha shiteru yo!

4. Link. He come to town.

5. Nobody knows who I really am. I've never felt this empty before.

6. [title] [title] Here we go. Everybody stand up. Mina tata katenda.

*song skipped due to lack of lyrics.*

7. If you're strong, you can fly. You can reach the other side of the Rainbow.


8. Ienai itami kanashimi de
KIZUtsuita kimi yo
Kise nai kako mo seoi atte ikou
Ikiru koto wo nagedasa nai de
Tsunai da kimi no te wo

9. Lights go down, it's dark, the jungle is your head, can't move your heart, and fear is taking ov-er everything, your eyes are wider, though your soul, it can't be bought, your mind can wander.

10. In a world so far away, at the end of a closing day, a little child was born and raised, deep in the forest on a hidden place, mother never saw his face.

11. Wait, wait! Y'all forgot to sing my favorite Christmas carol! [title] Oh no, not that one!

12. All I ever wanted was to be at your service, but now I'm alone, cause you were here and you're gone.

13. *screams* Hey hey hey hey hey, what's up? *screams* How we doin? *screams* You didn't think this was over, did you? *screams* 'Course not! *screams* Thank y'all, it's just that you've all been really cool tonight, give yourself a round of applause... etc (I need the non-live version ;_;)

*also instrumental*

14. Met you on somebody's island. You thought you had known me before.

15. Let's go! Steve walks warily down the street,
With the brim pulled way down low.

16. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

17. *mumble mumble* The greatest speakers of our time.

18. I woke up it was seven, waited 'til eleven, just to figure out that no one would call.

19. Als je 's morgens vroeg ontwaakt
Niet eens ontbijt hebt klaargemaakt
De deur ineens wijdopen staat
De hond zichzelf op straat uitlaat
De kachel uit, de douche is koud
Je op de mat de post aanschouwt
De blauwe brieven openvouwt
Je krijgt het dan opeens benauwd

20. I remember when Rock was young. Me and Suzy had so much fun.

21. The news has got me paranoid. Papers and the news reports.

22. We're like [title]. We break easy. I'm a poor man.

23. Heya Tom, it's Bob. From the office down the hall. It's good to see you buddy, how ya been.

24. It's the music that we choose. (repeated)

25. Where did you get that? On your feet!

*two instrumental; in a row*

26. We'll do it all. Everything. On our own.

27. Something's stirring in the air, of victory. Time bomb ticking to explode, 3 2 1 and go.

28. [title] If there's something strange, in your neighborhood.

29. The seasons come, the seasons go, and we are on a journey to the island of [title]

30. The U.S. is the eagle. Russia is the bear.
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• 1. Post these rules.
• 2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about their self on their journal.
• 3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people and post their icons on the same journal.
• 4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
• 5. No tag-backs.

Most of the things I could say about me are either fairly personal, or should be obvious just by looking through my gallery. Hope these'll be acceptable. even if they are a bit long.

1. I really have blue hair. Had it for several years now.

2. I have 10 officially recognizable disabilities and countless other little things like asthma, excema and such.

3. I am nonsexual/asexual and a nonromantic. I've found that most people find this fact hard to digest.

4. Once I've started reading something, I find it almost impossible to stop. Unfortunately, this applies even if I loathe the thing. I'm an avid reader and can finish the average novel within a day if I wanted to. Reading material being scarce (and expensive), I try to make them last significantly longer. I prefer fantasy and fantastic comedy, but will also read historical fantasy and sci-fi as long as they're not all mushy-romantic or anything.

5. I watch/read or have finished watching/reading quite a few anime/manga series, including but not limited to: One Piece
            Maarchen Awakens Romance
            Get Backers
            Fullmetal Alchemist
            Yakitate! Japan
            Inuyasha (the manga's finally over!)
            Immortal Rain
            Petshop of Horrors
            Black Cat
            Black Blood
            Ranma 1/2 (like a trainwreck. No matter how painful it is, you have to keep reading)

6. I've played scores upon scores of online games, not to mention regular computer and video games, but most barely hold my attention past a week. I've finished maybe 10 games total. If that.

7. I currently have 36 webcomics that I check on a daily basis; the majority of which update at least 3 times a week, and 41 that I check on bi-monthly that update either monthly, sporadically, or are on a short hiatus. I've finished about 5 webcomics, and have dropped at least 15 for lack of updates.
-Checking my daily comics, online games, e-mail and such takes at least 1 and 1/2 hours every day. And that's only the absolute necessities, with the minimum possible mails and updates.

8.  I was in sprites/brownies/guides until grade 8 or so. I've taken gymnastics, synchronized swimming and Irish dancing, winning two silvers and a bronze in the latter at the one competition I participated in. I've also taken various extracurricular art courses, including ones in watercolour and gauche. As far as I can tell, these courses had no effect on my work whatsoever. Ah, well. C'est la vie.
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<music> You get Diploma! </music>

Yeah, so I'm no longer a high school student. Go me. No real future plans, so you can probably expect continuing art additions.

Not actually annoyed. Mood's just stuck like that
The next idea exchange topic will be zombies.

Suggestions include magic vs science, creation, biological systems (or lack thereof), ability to differentiate between own kind and the living, hunger for living flesh/brains, level of intelligence (or lack thereof), lifespan, and mode of infection.

I'll post an update of the rules with my submission. For now, get thinking!

Also, there is a giant, bloated fly in my room. It is disgusting and loud and I hate it to death.
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In October, the aforementioned surgery was canceled last minute with no explanation whatsoever. Thus, it was rescheduled to this Tuesday... April 1st. A tad worrying, no? Anywho, I'll be going under the knife and out of commission for a bit. Wish me luck.

And just for fun, I'm doing that paranoia note thingy.
I'm thinking the results will be interesting.

-------------------------- Stolen from :iconmolten-fire-and-ice:

If you get 30 or more you are paranoid. If you get 10 or less you are
fearless. People that don't have any are dummies that want people
to think they are tough stuff.

I fear...

[ ] The dark -- I walk around in our basement with no lights on all the time.
[ ] Staying single forever
[ ] Being a parent
[ ] Giving birth -- Can't be anywhere near as bad as my cramps.
[1] Being myself in front of others
[ ] Open spaces
[ ] Closed spaces
[2] Heights -- Just a little. I get dizzy and stuff.
[ ] Cats
[ ] Dogs
[ ] Birds
[ ] Fish
[ ] Spiders -- Is so cuuute! <3
[3] Driving or being in cars -- Absolutely terrified.
[ ] Flying
[ ] Flowers or other plants
[ ] Being touched
[ ] Fire
[ ] Deep water -- sharks ><
[ ] The ocean
[ ] Failure
[ ] Success
[ ] Thunder/lightning
[ ] Frogs/toads
[ ] My boyfriend/girlfriends dad
[ ] My boyfriend/girlfriends mom
[ ] Mice/rats
[4] Jumping from high places
[ ] Snow
[ ] Rain
[ ] Wind
[ ] Crossing hanging bridges
[ ] Death -- When you believe in reincarnation, death becomes fairly inconsequential, other than the circumstances in which you die.
[ ] Heaven
[ ] Being robbed
[ ] Cotton balls
[ ] Cemeteries
[ ] Clowns - maybe a little... haha kidding
[5] Large crowds -- I overload easily from too much stimuli. It's not really fear, but meh.
[ ] Men
[ ] Women
[6] Having great responsibility
[ ] Doctors including dentists
[ ] Tornadoes
[ ] Hurricanes
[ ] Diseases - ya kinda
[ ] Snakes -- Also cute <3
[ ] Sharks
[ ] Friday the thirteenth
[ ] Ghosts
[ ] Poverty
[ ] Halloween
[ ] School
[ ] Trains/or railroads
[ ] Odd numbers
[ ] Even numbers
[ ] Being alone at night -- Only when people are over an hour overdue coming home. But then, that's a different fear entirely.
[ ] Being blind -- Everything I do hinges around my vision; my life would be ruined if I lost my sight, but I don't actively worry about it.
[ ] Being deaf -- I could live with it. Especially if it got rid of my tinnitus.
[7] Growing up -- I don't want to be an adult!!!!
[ ] Monsters under the bed
[ ] Noise in the night
[ ] Bee stings -- Despite the fact that I've been swarmed by wasps.
[ ] Not accomplishing my dream/goal -- Don't got any.
[ ] Needles
[ ] Blood
[ ] Dinosaurs -- lol
[ ] The welcome mat -- also lol
[ ] Feet
[?] Having your heart broken -- Depends on whether platonic relationships and situations count.
[?] Being rejected -- Same as above.
[ ] Whales
[ ] Your mom
[ ] Your dad
[ ] Rapists -- Sex isn't important or special to me, so I don't have many ... what's the word? ... associations? Meh, good enough. I don't have many associations attached to it.

7 or 9. I'm fearless, apparently. The list is hardly complete, though.
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As noted in a previous journal entry, I'd like to create a creative forum for exchanging and evolving ideas for use by various people for diverse purposes.

Any ideas expressed in this exchange will be free for use by anyone unless otherwise noted, with the condition that the person taking the idea not just copy and paste the origonal concept, but change and add to it with their own ideas, and their version written out and linked both to and from the origonal idea.

Perhaps there could be a colour code to indicate what ideas the writer would like to have as public domain, and which ones they'd like to keep their rights to.

I'm thinking that the first topic will be time travel. How it could work, why it couldn't, mechanism for travel, pseudo-science behind it, problems that could arise and that sort of thing. :) I'll write up my theory and post it either as a journal entry or as a written work. Feel free to post your own, whether derived from mine or entirely yours.

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So, yeah. Last few years? I've been missing an average of one day a week of school for various medical reasons. Next monday, I'll be having surgery to confirm a diagnosis of the second most common reason, of about 5, that I'm away sick. This surgery will be exploratory only, and will have little to no chance of actually fixing the problem. -_-;

So yeah, I'm outta commission for a week; which especially sucks since a couple of the art contests I'm participating in are ending soon.

Just, y'know, if anyone cares and/or is actually reading this.
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So, I'm planning to write up my thoughts, ideas, and stuff on various subject matter and posting them on the net in the hopes of creating a virtual marketplace of ideas.

Subjects will range from zombies to magic to parallel universes and beyond.

The idea would be for me to write up a blurb with my ideas, and have them free for use by anyone with the condition that they must make it their own by adding their own ideas, removing and changing bits that they don't agree with, and so on. Also, they must tell me that they're using it, so I can go and see what they've done with my ideas. I'd then link to them, and them to me as the originator of the idea. Maybe I'd take a bit of theirs that I like and add it to mine. And other people can start topics of their own if they want. The concept of a free exchange of ideas would be unworkable if only one person had a hand in it.

The purpose of this would be to enable people to flesh out their own ideas, and have their own input. There are so many people out there who have amazing talent, and excellent ideas for a plot, but no characters or world to base the story in. Some can explain in detail the biological workings and habits of creatures of their creation. Others have the most complex world designs; complete with languages and cultures, but nothing to put in it. With luck, these people would be able to find what they're lacking, and create wondrous works of art and fiction that would never come to light otherwise.

So, what do you think (if anyone's actually reading this)? Would such a thing work? Would it encourage bad behavior such as stealing material from sources that prohibit it? Would people be interested? And if so, is DeviantART the right place to hold such an information exchange? Would the essays be put under journals, literature, clubs, or what?

If I'm to attempt this, I'd like some input from those who may be interested in joining in.