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Wide Awake

By JuanaSunfall
:redalert:  PLEASE, before going all mad and cranky about this, READ the DESCRIPTION! Undertale SOUL - Red 

This is a little piece to one of my favorite Fanfics "Neuanfang im Hause Snape (fresh start at Snape´s *my apologies to the author if you don't like the translated title!)" by Miss Becca on 

Before I explain the scene, no, it is not a oh-my-god-Snape-is-Harrys-biological-father-story.

It is a beautiful story about Snape being forced to take in the seven years old Harry and growing slowly attached to him. 
Yes, there are a lot of fanfics with that kind of plot, but this one is so well-written, so humorous and heartwarming I really had moments I was absolutely mesmerized. 

The greatest thing is that Snape is perfectly in character, despite the fact that he cares for Harry. But he doesn't become a glittery, loving father-figure overnight, he stays the cranky potionsmaster I so love, and the parts of the story written from his perspective are so perfect and full of his dry and annoyed attitude that you literally squeal of fangirlish joy.
On the other hand, in the parts written from Harrys perspective, you can truly find the thoughts and logic of a seven-years-old troublemaker. 

Furthermore there is so much dry humor, so genius formulations that I was always torn between admiration and envy. Undertale SOUL - Green 

Undertale SOUL - Light Blue The scene is from the last chapter of the prequel-story "Harrys größter Wunsch (Harry´s greatest wish)", in which Harry is determined to find himself a pet, and drains the energy out of his guardian by "adopting" snakes and certain dogfathers...

The explanation why he calls Snape "papa" is easy. And I love it.
Harry started speaking with a lisp due to some lost milk teeth, and unfortunately all the names and titles he calls Snape, are full of s´s: "professor", "Snape", "Sir"...
And Snape got pretty annoyed by being called "profeshor" or "Shnape"... 
So Harry suggested to give him another name.
By the mentioning of "papa", Severus only thought that "James Potter would rotate in his grave"...

In the end scene, Harry crawls into Snapes bed at night, and just when the potionsmaster is beginning to doze off, there´s that little whisper beside him:

"´night, papa. Love ya."
And Severus? He suddenly was wide awake again, lying in his bed with a loudly beating heart and asking himself how he was supposed to find sleep after such words, ever again in his life.

Soooo. That was long. But I hope you like it. :) Undertale SOUL - Green Undertale SOUL - Green 

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So niedlich. Bin ja ein riesen Fan von sowas und auf die FF werde ich definitiv mal ein Auge werfen wenn ich die Zeit dazu finde :D

Alan Rickman was also in Sense & Sensitivity.
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Thats kind of the reason I chose this book for the scene ;)
Oh. Pretty clever.
AntoninaNPhotography's avatar
I love this! I'd love to read the original fanfic! Is it in German, or is it available in English, too?
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Only in German I’m afraid...Sweating a little... 
AntoninaNPhotography's avatar
Aww, too bad! When reading your description, I kinda got intrigued to read it myself :D 
JuanaSunfall's avatar
By now The author has created a third story, “la dolce vita” -Snape and harry on vacation. With Sirius.
poor Snape experiences heart attack after heart attack ...
BarbaraTP's avatar
JuanaSunfall give me the link please, i need to read this precious fic u.u
JuanaSunfall's avatar
It’s in German... I am sorry! Heart 
PrincessBetty1's avatar
Just provide the link, would love to read it!
JuanaSunfall's avatar
That’s the first one.
i especially enjoy the chapter where Snape has the flu...
snape: “Do you think you can manage to not get into trouble while  I’m resting?”
harry, thinking: highly unlikely.…
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so because this i'm not can't read? Who is the point? Exist translator honey.
BarbaraTP's avatar
JuanaSunfall's avatar
You’re welcome, I hope you can enjoy it as much as I ^^
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This looks really lovely!
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Aw, thank you! ^^
MissSnowWhite20's avatar
JuanaSunfall's avatar
I just had to draw it! :)
MissSnowWhite20's avatar
I love it! Snape happens to be one of my all time favorite fictional characters. I cried so much when he died as well as when Alan Rickman passed away.
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Me too. I'm still having moments I just want to scream...
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