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Under my Umbrella

By JuanaSunfall
Hey dearies! 
I´m almost finished with my final exams! 

And I somehow managed to finish this piece.

Don´t ask, this is just a stupid little idea I got when I heard Rihanna´s "Umbrella" on the radio.

It´s also part of my post-Hogwarts AU series. :D

Harry wanted to try and get along with Snape a bit better and asked him for a game of chess. Naturally, he lost it and now has to live with the consequences of letting Snape choose his prize. 

Harry. Did you really think Snape would go having a drink with you?

And please do not lecture me about water-repellent- spells. I know they exist, and I know Snape is perfectly capable of keeping himself dry and warm. 
But this is so much more fun. I think he´d agree.

Not sure if he´d like Rihanna, but if it get´s on Potter´s nerves... 

Oh and btw, for all those who got confused by a Potter without glasses: Here they are again. I hope you like it. ;P
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Drenched Harry is amazing XD

NightRiver16's avatar
HAHAHA SNAPE!! :rofl: This is pure gold!
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Thanks!;) oh yassss Snape. Our beloved bastard. 
NightRiver16's avatar
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Oh, my God! Snape, you are evil! Soryy, but I have to say it. ;P Great picture! Poor Harry! I understand why he is angry!

Oh, next time Harry can take revenge by let Snape massage his feet! that devious smile Or dance tango with Umbridge. Why not wash Snape's dirty hair! Mohaha!

Or pehaps our dear Snape should go dressed in a pink bikini... for two days! Even when he has classes! evil smile Evil smirk GIF My Little Pony - Laugh 
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Hehehe. He just shouldn’t play chess against Snape again. I don’t think he’d ever beat that man in a chess game. :D 
Severusiana's avatar
jjajajajaajajajajaj Severus you are so evil - smile 
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Ohhhh he is indeed. But we love him that way. ^^
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Dogmatil's avatar
:rofl: this is great xD
YoungWriter87's avatar
Laughed so hard at this!!!!
MyLovelyJacksonForev's avatar
This made my night. I am smiling so widely right now!
JuanaSunfall's avatar
I am so happy about this;)
Gryffgirl's avatar
Why use an umbrella?  This is a golden opportunity for Severus to apply some shampoo and see if a good rain shower will clean his greasy hair!
JuanaSunfall's avatar
XD my father said the greasy hair would be hydrophobic. 
janach's avatar
Water-repellent spells? Hey, they're English. When it rains, they get wet.

Besides, Sev isn't made out of sugar; he won't melt.
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Never said something about logic. ^^ I just had this Vision of Sev giving Harry a really mean task after the brat lost a game of chess. 
Yeah, probably the rain looks not the way I imagined it. I had a real heavy shower in mind, but I’m not good at drawing it.
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