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No one can know...

By JuanaSunfall
Snape: "No one can know of this, Potter. I swear, if you tell anybody-"
Harry: "-that you are a human being like anyone else and sometimes need some help? They´d be shocked!"
Snape: "Not the right time for your cheek. I mean it, Potter!"
Harry: "All right, calm down, Sir. Of course i won´t tell anyone. This is private."
Dumbledore: *chuckles 

Sprite Rip: Wooden Notice Board  Sooo.. This is practically another part of the "Icebreaker"- story, which I couldn't let go and really had to draw. Harry caring for Snape, who´s really pissed about it and embarrassed that he´s sick and in need of help.
I just had that image in my mind that portrait-Dumbledore sneaks into a picture in Snape´s quarters and enjoys the show. 

Privacy is so overrated. 
In Hogwarts, walls literally have ears. And eyes. 

Plus, welcome back, Sevvies grey nightie! I will always love you.

amazonite fabric border f 3 

Did I mention that I passed my exams? I´m officially finished with school! Parrot  Graduation-party is on saturday, I am so excited...Nyanparrot 
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Congrats. And this was pretty funny, I hope Dumbledore doesn't tell.
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Presumably he tells no one... except for McGonagall...:D
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Then how many people does McGonagall tell? And so on.
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I'm surprised Severus allows any portraits in his room. I would expect he'd keep them out specifically to prevent evil, manipulative megalomaniacs from twinkling condescendingly at him in moments of weakness. Being forced to have the Potter brat there is bad enough (Can't Sev afford to hire a nurse?), but Dumbledore is unspeakable. 
JuanaSunfall's avatar
I imagine Slytherin being on the new Headmaster’s side and he threw Dumbledore out of his portrait immediately.

As for the Potter-brat... Severus is kind of thankful that the boy was the first person who didn’t smother a Gryffindor’s attack on his person.
He decided that letting him stay for a short while isn’t that horrible since Harry, seemingly worried to upset the sick headmaster, does everything he wants, brings him anything he wants and, most important, keeps talking at a minimum. 
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Congrats on passing your exams! :happybounce: 

Saw it on instagram first. :) 
Poor Sevvy with that Potter-brat around him 24/7 :giggle: 
And Salazar is not very amused with Dumbledore hanging around in his portrait. :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you!

:D yeah, Harry means well...but the worst things come from “meaning well”...
I just love how naive he promises Snape privacy while he doesn’t notice Dumbledore in that Portrait...
Iunya's avatar
You're most welcome!

Harry isn't a bad boy, he is just.. eh well.. just Harry :D
JuanaSunfall's avatar
hahahahaha...*Snape desperately laughing
NightRiver16's avatar
This is so cute! <3

And congrats on passing your exams! :la: 
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Thanks and thanks!;)
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My my my, Snaaaape, is that a little smile I see on your face while bickering with Harry x3 ? Geeee, stop denying it, you care about him as much as he does, like a second father ! So JUST HUG HIM !!! *Run away*

That's such a cute scene, and Painting! Dumbledore gently giggling at the background, I LOVE THAT DETAIL :love: :love: :love:
JuanaSunfall's avatar
A smile? If anything he lost control over his expression because of his feverish condition! ^^ yes, that’s the reason! ;) 
he would never smile at Potter! Who annoys him! And sits at his bedside! And brings him tea...and soup...and hot milk with honey... and...and annoys him! :iggle: 
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Yeah yeah, because he has fever, yeah yeah yeav Severus, we peeeeerfectly believe you x3333 ...

XDDDDDDDDD Stop it, my stomach hurts Laugh LOL Laugh Spit Laugh 
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Severus: *sniffs poutingly 
"You don´t make fun of sick people."
*crosses his arms
*turns head away

We: Awwwwwww!

Severus: "STOP THAT!"
UnderworldLegends's avatar
OH MY GOSH, stop doing this Professor, you're making it EVEN WORST ! Judy Hopps (Aww) - Icon 

Snape : You should not feel that... that... that... *Sneezes*

Us : BLESS YOU kitty 
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Us: *pat his shoulder 
„easy, precious! You need to rest!*
*grab him by the arms
*pushes him back to bed
*give him a handkerchief

Snape: ... 

UnderworldLegends's avatar
Vader : *From the entrance door* You're on your own.

Loki : *Badly smirks* Poor little wizard, so sick, so weak, so sad.

Me : Stocking Heart Emote There is still room for more !

You : Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3] Of course !

Loki : Ciel - Blush 

Vader : ......... Oh no... 
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Snape: *from under a dozen blankets “haha.“ *sniffs
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I love this , ajajajajajaja Dumbledore is telling someone to Salazar Slytherin, fantastic picture like always.
JuanaSunfall's avatar
Hehe... Dumbledore will probably spread the tale and sneaking of to the office of McGonagall... ^^ thank you so much! 
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