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Icebreaker: The sleeping Bat

By JuanaSunfall
Additional scene number three, and my personal favorite so far. :) 

Harry caring for Snape when he´s sick after the fall into the icy pond.

Since he´s fast asleep, the headmaster does not know his unwanted helper stayed a while longer to watch over him.

I really love all the details I managed to put into the picture: 
Snape face and hair, the wet cloth, the scar on his neck, his mug, the potion-bottle and the glass...
And of course Braithwaite´s get-well-soon/apology- card. :)
Noticed the little sick snake with the gryffindor-scarf? :D
She even got him some cough-drops... Nice little girl. 

What do you think? Will Snape ever forgive her? It was an accident after all... 
Even though she and the other students of her team and the Slytherin´s team will get detention. Hexing each other isn't the right way.


The story is not a Snarry, even if this scene looks a lot like it... You know my love for h/c...  :) 
Snarry-Fans out there, however, you can fantasize as you like. ;) 
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Wait... where are you putting your hand Harry...?
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To the scarf. He pulls away the scarf:D
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Looks like I still have some perverted ideas ^^'...

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Nurse Harry to the rescue:P 
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How does Harry know Dumbledore (or possibly Dippet) was never pushed into the lake by a student who subsequently apologized? There have been a thousand years worth of Headmasters and Headmistresses to have been pushed into the lake by misbehaving students.

Although greeting cards (and thus get-well cards) were not invented until the 19th century, so really there are only a couple of centuries worth of Heads to have been (1) dunked, and (2) received a written apology for it. Since Gryffindors are the most likely pushers, and we all know that Gryffs never apologize for anything, I suppose it's entirely possible that Severus is the first.
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How do you come by this right now? XD

Well, if there was an incident before or not, i don’t think any other headmaster who might have been pushed into a lake before got such a nice snake drawn on a card.

In my defence, I didn’t exactly looked up possible Headmaster-got-pushed-in-lake-incidents  in ‚Hogwarts, a history‘ before writing Harry’s dialogue... 
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I'm not snarking you; I'm snarking Harry, who thinks everything involving him is utterly unique. And myself, who (like Hermione) would be the sort to research all the headmaster-dunking incidents in the thousand-year history of Hogwarts, and then would have to remind myself that get-well cards have not been around anything like that long. 

My apologies if I caused offense. You know what kind of s snarker I am. Handshake   
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I know, no worries. :) Your comments always belong to the more interesting ones I receive. They also taught me not to be a whiny child about every critical comment, I learned to snark back. That’s so important. 

And I know my imagination doesn’t always matches yours, but it’s my imagination for a reason;)
I will continue creating comics which don’t make sense and maybe they show Snape in a way you would not imagine him. 
But i won’t take offense if you tell me that. Just believe me I am as fond of him as you, my comics are just comics, and if I’d meet him in real life I’d NEVER jump on him screaming. I got a brain. 
I‘d probably invite him to a cup of tea, restraining myself from fingerling as well as possible. :D
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Haha! Harry's comment about the card is wonderful! You did a great job with all pictures!
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Thanks so much! I really fell in love with the story and I can´t let go of it yet... Luckily I still got the last Outtake to work on...:) 
But this one here is my favorite. Snuffy Snape is the cutest thing. :D 
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great work, poor sev ;)
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Thanks! :D yes, I feel sorry for him, too... but he kinda looks cute that snuffy way... you just wanna hug him... 
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i like the greasy bat too ;)
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And I like people who like him! :)
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Poor Sevvy.. 

Great details, the get-well-soon-card is my favorite, the text and the snake with the scarf :) So sweet. 
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Thanks so much! :D I sat in front of my screen for an eternity because I didn´t want to stop working on this... So I came up with more and more things... The card was my favorite to do. I really enjoy the thought of Snape waking up, feeling like shit, and finds out there are people caring for him. Of course he´ll be pissed as hell at first - Harry Potter in his bedroom! - but hey, someone who wants you to have it warm and cuddly, who makes you tea, sits in silence if you want it... maybe not that bad after all...? :) 
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You're most welcome!!

Severus just deserves a little kindness. Harry is fortunately not like James. Nod 
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No, he’s not. :D a bit annoying, maybe... 
“here’s your tea, Sir. Need something else? Cough drops? Potions? A book? A blanket...?”
”I need PEACE! QUIET!”
”oh. Okay. Quiet. I can be quiet. I’ll just sit here and...”
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Poor Sevvie, after this he needs a therapist, Harry drives the poor man crazy :faint:
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"Gryffindors! Gryffindors everywhere!"
:faint: remake 
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Awww :3 Poor Snape, though... I hope he'll get well soon! ^^
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