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First time trying a transformer and I had a blast. It was A LOT OF WORK, but well worth it. I was going for a very dramatic / cinematic look. I think it works. Hope you guys like it.

Pencils- Jimbo Salgado :icondemitri12jim:
Colors- Juan Fernandez :iconjuan7fernandez:

Also used some PNG elements for the explosions from :iconfrostbo:

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Sooooo... is he badass posing after smoking someone or getting almost knocked over by his own invention going boom?
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This Autobot is a mad scientist, one who's willing to die for his cause.
This is amazing, great attention to detail!
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Excellent work.
privateskittles285's avatar
brains and brawn into one sick mix
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Wheeljack's no mad scientist; he's just plain mad. xD
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Excellent job on the colours.
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Absolutely beautiful man.
Elisei99's avatar
is this weeljack from war for cybertron?
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Very, very nice! One of my favourite characters
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Thanks!! Glad you like it :D
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Oooh amazing :la:
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AWSOME :headbands:
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YES. The details are amazing--and with the lighting and perspective, you definitely managed something both "cinematic" and EPIC.

Plus, explosions really do suit Wheeljack. <3
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:O ZOMGWTFBBQ :D He's just Badass :) I may have made a mess in my pants lol :) :+fav:
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shit, this is great
wheeljackpwnz's avatar
If I die tonight, I'll be okay, because I saw this before I passed.
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Wow fantastic :D
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O.O This is just... AMAZING WORK! The highlights are just perfect! Not too much but just enough texture details. I also love how you add depth to the picture by "damping" the inks in some parts of his body with the light coming from behind him. Nice!
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this is amazing for ur first time drawing transformers and u definitely pulled off the dramatic/cinematic look the perspective does it for me since his gun looks HUGE and like he's about to wreck some aft in that epic pose with the explosions behind himXD
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