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My First Vader

Anybody who really knows me, knows I'm a huge Star Wars fan. However I had never done a Star Wars piece. So here it is my first Darth Vader digital painting. Completely in Photoshop.
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The force is strong with this piece!Darth Vader Icon 
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Great work! The force is strong with you!
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Join to the Dark Side.
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It's really good.

The middle line of the helmet seems a bit out of sync with the middle line of the mask, though. Minor gripe.
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First encounter between Darth Vader/Sokka Skywolf and Sora Skywolf- Dog Wars: Episode V- The Cat Empire Strikes Back!!

Vader: No! I am your father!
Sora: No! No! that's not true, that's impossible!
Vader: *angrily* Search your feelings... you know it be true!
Vader: Sora, you can destroy the Emperor... he has foreseen this... It is your destiny! join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son! *puts his right paw out* come with me! it is the only way!
*Sora falls* 
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Fan of star wars too,i made tie with blender,but i never submit my 3D work,because dnt want them to be shared everywhere ;)
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"You have indeed grown powerful as the emperor has foreseen"
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Well done! I would have liked to see a more reflective surface on the brows but the matte shine is pretty cool too!
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Love it! Great job on my favourite character :D
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First? This is adorable!
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Great job on Vader!

:icondarthvaderplz: "Impressive, most impresssive..."
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Awesome! Go Vader!
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Nice, looks awesome.
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amazing! The details are great!
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your first Vader painting?! wow if this is so brilliant, please do more! =)
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I definitely will! Thank for your support!!
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May the Force be with you! :yoda:
juan7fernandez's avatar
HAHAHAH NICE!!! I like tha yoda on the comment!!
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K I liked ur comic book characters n' all but this, is, AMAZING!! You should continue with Star Wars themed-pics because this one's midichlorian-count is off the charts
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