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Seregis the Earth Healer

A commission from a long time watcher of mine :iconzergkiller: of his character Ekera Seregis, a young elf like druid. His profile can be read here: 
Seregis reference sheet (by Adalfyre) by zergkiller

He wanted me to mainly design a full outfit for him, robes and designs and whatnot. I love how it came out. Especially the coat hehe.
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This is absolutely amazing, I'd love to have the outfit you gave him irl.
I really like the way it all works together.
I also love the way you drew his character, Seregis looks so kind and thoughtful.
I've enjoyed everything in your gallery, but this one really spoke to me.
Love the design in the upper left, too.
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Thank you very much, I worked hard on this design and I loved making it. Funny enough that design at the top left is a collaboration of the tree marks on the green part of the coat. Did you see my other picture of Seregis by the way? With my alien character
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I thought the one of Seregis and Kiel on the island was very sweet.
You have a real talent for showing emotions.
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Thank you, it's something I wanted to practice most since I was young. The emotions of a moment hehe.
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Love this piece, it is so beautiful :)
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Theank you hehehe
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Man  the designing in the outfit, so tribal :D
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Hehehehehe, I of course went for a nature motif hehehe.
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Appropriate for the subject matter :)
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Very cool design! :D
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Thanks hehehe
zergkiller's avatar
Thank a lot, you really did a amazing work. :)
Good job for the outfit, it's pretty done.

Will try to make it one day as a giant as I know you like draw some. :p
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Thank you hehehe. Well there are growth spells I think Druids can use in D&D.

Oh and the insignia on the top left is what's on the back of the coat.
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Thank for the advise, I didn't noticed immediately.
Hehe, he never study this kind of spell, maybe he will give it a try in the future. :D
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