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My shadow Demon - Zelos

18$ patron sketch from one of my D&D players who asked for the picture to be finished. This was a shadow demon the player pacified during the final boss fight of a one shot I held. He used a memory erasing elixir and rolled for 90 years of its life to be wiped from its memory, he was only about 60. and this only erased memories, not common knowledge. That's his character Zelos, on the right, who is currently serving the god of good aligned assassins which is how he got the elixir.

Zelos is now taking his new demon, he named Kida, to the capital of the country where Kida will undergo rehabilitation to be changed from a demon into another Outsider form and essence.

This takes place after this image:
Shaded Talk - Zelos and Kida by Juacamo
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All on my Twitter and patreon, I barely post here anymore

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The colours are so good and the scene is so sweet and well Zelos is a total stud.
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Rather interesting character design. :)

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Thank you hehehe
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i make this with all the weird monsters and creatures what come to my room... i welcome them and then become my friends!
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So the Shadow Demon had a chance to live a new life with a new individual. This is actually rather touching
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He will yeah, he's about to undergo full administrative rehabilitation with the church to change his essence from that of a demon.
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That's really cool
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