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Thank you Everyone...

Tue Feb 26, 2019, 1:43 PM
Edit: I did read everyone's comments int he previous journal just so you all know. I didn't ignore anyone, I was using the time to think and consider what everyone was saying at once.

Over the weekend I was able to accrue the money i need for the medical bill. I even got to be a little closer with some friends I hadn't talked to in a while that were worried about me, and made a few new ones too. I didn't think I had so many people that cared. Two of my closest friends I worry I won't be able to repay for a while in particular, and I'm so grateful...

So here's the plan, I'll pay the bill after rent at the beginning of March. I have to wait a till then because I don't know how much of my end I have to pay, it won't be a lot though. Then pay the bill, schedule an appointment, go to the doctor's, use what's left to pay that bill along with my new insurance. I really hope I don't have to go for multiple sessions...

I owe a few pieces here and there after this and I know some of you said I don't have to but I feel very obligated. I wish I could commit immediately, but I'm already backed up on top of being sick.

I didn't get many reccomendations on how to expand, but I did get a few patrons and am thankful for that. I've made a few decisions on how to divvy my drawing time for more efficiency if I'm going to be catching up with my work load, and am expanding my limits on what I'll draw. Firstly, no more detailed backgrounds for a while. These take up a lot of time, so I'll be making the rough painted BGs and plain colors as BGs. Bit dumb of a macro artist not to make buildings and cities, but I've never really been good at it to begin with. It's been marked off of my commission chart. Second I've become a bit more open to sexual content. I was given decisions on how to expand: sex, vore, pride, and violence. I never want to be paid to make something violent/heavily destructive. Excessive Pride/Humiliation infuriates me. I only like very very specific soft kinds of vore to the point it's not lucrative (basically just mouthplay, licks, and some safe c-vore; and then it still depends on the OC). But over the years of spending time with all you perverts that I love so much, I've become more open to sexual content hehehe. Still don't want ot draw secretions, and again depends ont he OCs and context, but I'm much more fine with it.

I didn't get much help on the view rates, likes, etc. part of my please. I'm probably on my own on that one. But I had a few top tier artist friends say I'm doing better than most, so I guess that's alright. But really need to improve by this time next year.

Onto patreon news. One of my 18$ slots will be open sometime at the start of the month if anyone wants to jump on that.

I will also be opening a 40-50$ tier exclusive to one person, next month before the 8th. This person will get a Flat to Full Color piece from me once a month, but the idea must be something I am willing to draw under my Commission guidelines. Please don't join it if you can't afford it. Limits for it are: no more than 1 other person in the image and a crowed of undetailed people, simple/roughly painted BG The tier of course gives access to all my other tier gifts except the sketch tier's specific one.

Example of this tier's level of detail:

I will also be changing the rules on the series starting next month. As the money I make on them compared to the work I put in is skewed I'm changing how many pics I make based on how many patrons are in the 6$ or more tiers. As long as a single person is in the 6$ or more tiers I will poll and make at least 1 image of the character voted for. For every 10 patrons in the 6$ tier or more I will add another pic to the series to a maximum of 5 pics at 50 patrons. So for instance if I had 16 patrons in the 6$ tier, and 8 patrons in the 18$ tier, that's 24 in all, so I'd be making 3 images for that month's series as long as that number maintained till voting ends on the 7th of that month.

I'm also starting a new thing. After a year, some of my patreon exclusives will be posted on Twitter and sometimes Furaffinity. Not many, as what's the point of my patreon without exclusivity? And it would be unfair to my patrons., even though it's been a year. Only 4 finales from my series will be posted per year, based on batches of 3 that are voted for in a Twitter poll.

Join me there where I post most of my NSFW work now after the Tumblr purge: 

Patreon work Progress as of now: 3 left over sketches, this weeks pic of the week, the 3 Dally parts (one has been sketched).

Want to say again, thank you all so much. I wish I could repay everyone I owe or feel I owe right now. I know if people donate and ask for nothing there is no reason, but I still feel the need. Though now I'm swamped and still sick till I get better, and I shouldn't exert myself it's so hard not to want to get on it right now though haha.

I can't believe the friends I have.

Thank you all.

Hope you're well.

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Hey man, stay strong. You're going through these dark times alone.
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