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Hello, DeviantArtLand/World!

I am now taking commissions for pieces drawn in the Bruce Timm DC Animated Universe style! They can be performing whatever task, within reason, or in whatever pose you'd like, or just leave it up to me to come up with something cool.

1 character, inked - $35
2 characters, inked - $50
1 character, colored - $50
2 characters, colored - $75
Prices negotiable (to an extent), send me a note for payment details!

Final products will be delivered digitally and must be in an 8.5 x 11 inch ratio or smaller.

Some examples of my work in this medium:…

I look forward to hearing from you!

I just wanted to announce to my followers here on DeviantArt that my team and I have officially launched our Patreon!…

JTS Entertainment is host to TONS of creative projects, not the least of which includes the following:

Our main YouTube channel is home to comedy sketches, movie reviews, music videos, animations, and other original creations from the eccentric and repugnant minds of inventive millennials who all have at one point or another lived in their parents' basements.

We focus on learning new and interesting ways to make movies while attempting to make you laugh with a mix of bizarre original characters and super coolio special effects. If you enjoy videos with dark humor, action-driven narratives, and/or Nazi-spawned robot grizzly bears, then this is somewhere you should spend your time [and money?].

In addition to our usual videos, we are currently in production on our newest feature film, "Vireality," which revolves around a filmmaker being sucked into YouTube to battle Google. That's the most succinct I can describe it...but trust me, it's something you're going to want to see come to life.

We are also responsible for the DC Animated Universe online community, the Watchtower Database. The WDb YouTube channel is host to DCAU-themed videos of all shapes and sizes (though we will admit that 100% of them are, in fact, shaped like rectangles).

Our ever-growing catalog of content ranges from character spotlights to cast and crew interviews to comical rants about why one fan theory is legit and another is the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard of oh my god how could someone possibly think this is real.

As YouTube's only DCAU-centric channel, we are committed to creating fun and interesting videos for our fellow Timmverse-loving nerds on topics you've always wanted to see covered, and those you never knew you did!

The Watchtower Database reach also spans Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where we share daily DCAU-related artwork, news, and the occasional "Wow, look at this cool '90s Batman thing that you either remember fondly and still have in your closet or have no recollection of and wish never existed" post.

Our last, but certainly not least [awesome] big creative project is our digital comic book, "Legacies of the DC Animated Universe." Based on the DC Comics animation saga that lasted from the prehistoric era of 1992 to the Borat-infused 2006, "Legacies" is an original narrative by JTS Entertainment's James Strecker and Ted Kendrick that follows the animated universe's stories and characters, picking up after the conclusion of "Justice League Unlimited" and filling in the blanks up to the pilot episode of "Batman Beyond."

"Legacies" is a free-for-consumption passion project under the creative vision of two imaginative DC Comics geeks who have spent 99%+ of their lives studying/replicating/breathing "Batman: the Animated Series" and its successors. They are supported by a crew of other DCAU-loving creators from all over the world, who, together, as a team, can be a force that could truly work for the ideals of peace and a bunch of Super Frie--ok, you get the joke.

A lot of time, effort, and creative juices are thrown into the proverbial mixing bowl when producing any and all of our projects. Our near-future goal is to create at least 1-2 videos per month, per channel (JTS and WDb), as well as to keep a consistent every-other-month schedule for the "Legacies of the DCAU" webcomic.

The internet is an always-changing digital environment we interface with on a constant basis (to sound as Matrix-y as possible), sometimes for the better, sometimes for the anti-better. Because of this, we cannot sufficiently count on the unpredictability of the YouTube monetization system as the primary funding for our videos, features films, and other media.

YouTube is our home, where we started and where we'll stay until something better comes along. But Patreon provides us with a way to continue to explore the products of our collective unconventional imaginations without all the uncertainty. Patreon is a supportive community of our best and most valued fans--a place where we can interact with you and share our creative passions, all the while growing and improving due to your generous contributions to the project(s).

Wherever you know us from, we appreciate you stopping by and checking out this page.

Thank you for considering becoming a patron of JTS Entertainment!…