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Red Hood - Batman The Adventures Continue

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"Batman: the Adventures Continue"
Red Hood / Jason Todd

Official model sheet by Ty Templeton (tweaked slightly to better match the final version seen in the comic)
BTAC pages for color reference


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Whoooa the style is perfect! Just like the show!!

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Thank you! It's based directly on Ty Templeton's design for the "Batman: The Adventures Continue" comic.

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I Hope The Batman Who Laughs, Azrael, Young Jason, and Hush are going to be Drawn?
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I've just been doing the ones that have had official model sheets released so far. Hopefully we get all of those, Mr. Wing, Sunny, and more!

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I have no idea when they will be released. DC and artist Ty Templeton only released the ones they have already a few weeks ago, pretty deep into the run of the comic. No way to tell when we'll be getting more.

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I’m afraid it will be a Maxiseries...
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There has been no announcement of that yet, that I'm aware of.

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I love the red hood

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The Under the Red Hood movie made me a fan.

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He is awesome. In DC Comics Jason is cool too.

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Agreed, I'm a fan of the Outlaws

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Thanks for posting this! I'm very glad that Jason Todd is actually being incorporated into the DCAU in the form of an actual story of some sort. I would have just thought that he was just getting a figure that would just show what he would look in the iconic DCAU style.

By the way, I have some suggestions for you about some other DCAU character models you can post in your gallery. The suggestions would just be edits of the TNBA models for Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing. In the video game Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, the four characters that I just mentioned had alternate costumes. For visual reference go to the following link and skip to the 14 minute and 9 second portion of the video to see the alternate costumes:


I haven't seen anyone else post the alternate costumes they have in this game in the DCAU style. I figured these would be easier to make since it's not really new models but rather just edits of already existing ones. Due to the obscurity of this game, it would give you some content that a lot of people overlook.

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Whoa! I've never seen those costumes before, that's crazy! I've actually done a fairly close Nightwing design like that for our "Legacies of the DCAU" webcomic. Maybe I'll have to try out the others at some point! Thanks for showing me!

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