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Dark Knight Returns Batman The Adventures Continue

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"Batman: the Adventures Continue"
Batman's "Super-Armor" (Dark Knight Returns)

Official model sheet by Ty Templeton (tweaked slightly to better match the final version seen in the comic)
BTAC pages for color reference


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Thanks for posting this. I do have a some questions though about it.

1 So the name of this bat suit is "Super-Armor"? Every other source I can think of called something along the lines of TDKR Armored Suit. I read the comic this suit debuted, but I don't remember this armor being given a name in it. Did I miss or forget something?

2 Is the BTAC comic the first time the Super-Armor is given the ability to fly? I find it very strange that in the original TDKR comic and for every subsequent appearance in other media that I can think of, this armor was not given any flight capabilities until BTAC. If your going to construct a specialized set of armor to fight Superman, why would you not give it the ability to fly especially when your opponent's primary form of travel and movement is flight?

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The armor was named in the filename of Ty Templeton's model sheets: https://www.dccomics.com/sites/default/files/imce/2020/07-JUL/BTAC_SuperArmor_5f07c28e34cf56.77255414.jpg

I think it is the first time it's been able to fly, yes. But I can't be sure. It's definitely weird within the DCAU, though, as the big armor we see in "Batman Beyond"'s "Disappearing Inque" wasn't able to fly, so... [shrug]

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Request: Wonder Woman - '80's Classic DCAU

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If you'd like to commission that from me, send me a DM!

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