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Clayface - Batman: The Adventures Continue

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"Batman: the Adventures Continue"

Official model sheet by Ty Templeton (tweaked slightly to better match the final version seen in the comic)
BTAC pages for color reference


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You have to make the 2021 Suicide Squad Bruce Timm style

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I'll give it a shot if I have time!

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save draw Azrael

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Thanks for this! I forgot that Clayface had a different design in this comic series. I have some questions though.

1 Why does Clayface have a different design in this series? Is it just due to the creators just wanting to give him a redesign for some reason, or is there an actual story reason behind his change in appearance? I remember Deathstroke saying that he drugged Clayface to make him act irrationally, but did it just affect Clayface's behavior and nothing else?

2 The following magazine cover (Adventures with the DC Super Heroes (2002) by Min S. Ku) features a lot of DC characters who never appeared in a DCAU show or story related tie-in material such as Barbara Gordon as Oracle, Starfie, Raven, Black Lightning.



Also, one of the replies to the first link featured artwork of the Conner Kent Superboy.


Have you ever thought about making art of these characters for your gallery? I would love to see individual images of these characters and not have everyone crammed into a group shot where I can barely see the ones in the background.

3 Here's something I've always wondered about the exclusion of certain characters in the Batman related portion of the DCAU. How come we never saw Vicki Vale, Jeremiah Arkham, and no members of the Maroni and Falcone crime families in this continuity?

My personal theory for the absence of Jeremiah Arkham is just that he was just too recent of a character at the time (he debuted in 1992) and unlike another character who made his debut later (Bane who appeared in 1993), he just didn't make as big of an impact on the mythos or at least not at the time BTAS and TNBA were being produced. You know now that I think about it, it's kind of strange that the people behind BTAS and TNBA never did an episode on the history of Arkahm Asylum or an episode focusing on the poor guy who has to run that dreadful place.

The others I really don't have much of an explanation for. Vicki Vale was replaced with their own character Summer Gleeson. Did her portrayal in Batman 1989 turn Bruce Timm and Paul Dini off on the character?

Furthermore, the creators of the show opted to use a more obscure character for the crime boss role (Rupert Thorne) or other original characters they created. What's even more baffling is that the a person with the name Falcone actually did exist int he DCAU, but he was just a henchman for the Penguin who appeared in a couple episodes and not a member of a prominent crime family.


Considering the critical acclaim Batman: Year One received, I find it very odd that they would take the name of one the prominent enemies from that story and just use it on a throw away character.

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  1. Yes, the drug was said to have "increased his savagery," thus he looked more...savage.

  2. I am of the Watchtower Database so I'm very aware of that post! Haha. At some point I may tackle those designs, but ones that actually appeared in canon take higher priority.

  3. I'm not sure, regarding the character choices. It would be a great question to ask Dan Riba someday when we inevitably have him on for another chat!

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nice but reminds me of a ben 10 alien for some reason

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