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iPhone 5 - 6.1.2


Syrcles Icons
Status Bar
LS Slider
LS Clock


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Great Shot! I couldn't find the LS Clock, mind sharing the download link?
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You've got to add his repo to your Cydia source -
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hi. i pay with tweet but when i download for iOS version, folder is empty..
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Your icons look cool. :)
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Glad you like them! Thank you.
what folder tweak are you using to enable it to go near-fullscreen like that? is it one, or is it just a background with icons made to look like it's a folder?
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It is a modified version of FolderEnhancer.
So you modded its image files? Looks brilliant! Are you willing to share?
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Yeah basically. Not too sure that would be fair to the original developer to release.
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how do you mod the folderenhancer? mine was unable to and can only fit 36 apps in it
Understandable, thanks!
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so elegant.
i haven't seen something so elegant in a long time, well done.
this totally deserves a DD.
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Thank you for you kind words! Much respect.
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i don't give them if i don't mean them (:
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This is beautiul, thank you.
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Very glad you like it! You're very welcome.
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This is fantastic!
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Thanks very much!
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Great, thanks!
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