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Do feel free to make a comments on the artwork. No need to be scared or timid . . . I won't bite your head off for doing so unless you're selling something, so don't be selling nothing in the comments and we're square. Cool? Cool.

Okay, so what's the deal with nobody commenting then anymore? Is it too much to type something or put a thought together about the art you're looking at or is it just a lack of care? Just wondering, that's all. Feel free not to comment below.
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Is deviantART a dying art board or has the death already occurred and the scent of it just hasn't washed over me? I get that feeling though that it has died . . . this or nobody really cares much about responding to artwork posted . . . or maybe—just maybe—it's my stuff in particular. What's the incentive for posting on this board anymore? Most of what I've seen being posted up is total junk or drawings from elementary school kids. The overall quality seems to be lacking here from what it once was aside from those whom I follow. IDK . . . is it worth posting here anymore or are we more attuned to social media?

What shall be the epitaph for this board?
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Hey all, I just submitted 3 "cute monsters" to the design competition. Please vote on one (or all) of my submissions if you please! I need a TON of votes to make it into the next round! Many thanks.
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I thought I would list a few of my favorite design sites for you all.

Commercial Arts:
HOW Design:
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It's slow going, but I hope to keep updating my deviantART page more often.
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If there's one thing my father always told me as a young freelance illustrator, was to never miss a deadline. Deadlines are extremely important to hit. For example, I'm working with a professional illustrator with many years of experience (and no, I won't say who), but he missed a deadline I gave him. Not once, either. I gave him another shot, and he's botched this one too. I even managed to get an extension on the deadline (twice), and he missed that too. I've called and e-mailed him numerous times with no response, and so he's decided to avoid me for no other apparent reason than just sheer laziness. As far as I am concerned, this is highly unprofessional and there is no excuse for such actions. He's had close to 2 months to complete the project, and now I'm willing to give it to someone else. Anyone want a fantasy cover to do? You've got 3 weeks. Send me a message or e-mail me at Just don't be late, and make sure you show me your very best.
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A very Merry Christmas to all those who keep it.
This week has been filled with covers, as you might have guessed from the recent activity and gallery postings. Fortunately, just about all the covers are done for this cycle (just waiting on one from Tommy Castillo to get done at the end of the day, which I'll then add the title, author, and any other needed effects to it). I have to say, out of all the recent covers that I've done, I really love the last one, "The Clockwork Man". This one will absolutely have a matte finish cover (maybe an OPP matte film) and spot gloss varnish. Whew . . . I do believe that I've broken a record for myself here with 3 covers in one week plus a traditional painting, which I'll put up early next month.