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Scourge Sisters



I've been stalking you
And you've been stalking me
This time it's personal
Don't we make great enemies?

-Left Spine Down - "The Truth Is a Lie"

GJ: it's hard
GJ: drawing 13 year old characters and trying to make them look scary
GJ: it's hard and nobody understands

I know there's a crapton of Homestuck fanart art there, but I wanted to have a go of my own at it as there is one thing that often bugs me about the many artistic interpretations of Hussie's rather minimalistic style. See, the trolls... they are not humans with grey skin and horns. They're aliens. Savage, raised on their own in a 'kill-or-be-killed' model, part-humanoidal, part-insectoid, part-marine aliens.

Now, I admit I didn't do as well as I hoped with conveying my vision of how Vriska and Terezi could look like. I aimed for their hair to look more like insect fur (or whatever you call it), but as you can see I failed, and also they came out too bright and I couldn't fix it without messing up how the picture looks like or spending many more hours on it, which I can't really afford.

Furthermore, I wanted to show how the continuos blood castes of the species go from less to more fish-like, so I tried to collapse Vriska's nose a little (think the classic grey alien guy) and give her some signs of scales - not full-on scales, but rather something like the remains of reptilian skin we humans have on our thumbs. This turned out more like some weird freckles though. I'm also not too happy with how I drew the burns on Vriska's left side of the face and I guess I messed her up a bit too much overall. Well, I did what I could. Terezi came out really cool in my opinion though, if only looking a bit too old.

PS: As I write this, I still haven't seen the long-awaited today's update. Don't spoil it for me, or else you will pay. I'm a Sagittarius, so you know...
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This is amazing and utterly terrifying at the same time