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Find both free and paid female muscle comics at www.amazonias.net

I'm a creator of comics about tall, strong, muscular women, which is is some sort of fetish that I've had for almost as long as i can remember. I create my artwork in DAZ3D studio.

Over 300 female muscle comics on my site:

  Zb Amazologo
My Girlfriend Tania 9, by Kurt Logan, is now out on Amazonias. https://www.amazonias.net/products/my-girlfriend-tania-part-9
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Dear Amazon fan, This is the weekly moment where I normally announce a new comic. I have one ready, but publishing it doesn't feel good right now. Maybe I'll publish it tomorrow. For now, I'd like you to just read this message. It's important. I appreciate everyone buying my comics. Some of you, however, are sharing and exchanging them online. You may think it's no big deal to exchange comics with some other readers. But comics that appear in public on the web, are found by others, who post them on download sites, where they are downloaded literally thousands of times. That's just the result of one person sharing one comic. I am not exaggerating. I was going to work on a comic I love, this morning. Instead, I had to waste a lot of time contacting sites, writing to pirating customers, drafting and sending takedown notices, consulting other people, etc. I don't need to tell you I'm not Marvel or DC comics. I'm a one man business. I have bought a house with my girlfriend and taken
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Big Sister 7 is out!
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pls new big sister

Thank you for the watch!!!

Hi, I’m inviting you to watch my channel. I’m going to post photos and links of tall girls that you probably don’t know🤗

Thanks for the watch!

Mr Stilton, I've lost the link to your forward plan spreadsheet. Can you give me it please? Are you going to do a 2022 update to it?

Out of curiosity, in your catalogue of stories, do you have a few you could recommend where the girl(s) aren't using their strength to dominate/bully the weak guy(s)? Like something where there's a couple with a healthy balanced relationship, where they're both strong and having fun?

Asking because I got a mail about "Muscles in the Family 10" and all I could immediately see was a guy being carried like a sack of potatoes. ^^'

there's many comics where the girl is sweet to e.g. her boyfriend but less so to others. E.g. in the series Hot Summer, or The Protectress.

The guys in my story are never physically strong though.

In Kurt Logan's comics, most girls are nice.

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