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What's coming up

What's coming up

Hi amazon fans! It's been a very weird year, and I hope it's still been okay for you. I hope that you have not lost loved ones, or your job, or your hope. I hope that the comics me and the other Amazonias artists have produced, have brought you some joy and excitement. I'm finishing the year by giving you an overview of some things to come in the last blogpost of 2021. https://www.amazonias.net/blogs/news/future Have a virus-free 2021! James Stilton

Big Sister Christmas Special

Big Sister Christmas Special

Big Sister Christmas Special is a new free comic that appears here on DeviantArt only, for watchers only. I'll be adding a couple of pics every day or other day until Christmas. Enjoy! https://www.deviantart.com/jstilton/gallery/76161177/big-sister-s-christmas-special

I could train with you as a weight!

I could train with you as a weight!

I often hear from readers: I love your comics, but it's a pity that the women in your stories don't really exist. Well, some come pretty damn close. Anna Khudayarov is one of them. She may not be as tall as the girls in my female muscle comics, but she's probably stronger than a lot of them, her muscles can compete with some of my big girls, and she has the same dominant personality, as you will read in this interview...


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amazing content man! one of my fav art styles on the site!

could you please try making ones where the girls are smaller and younger than the guys? makes them feel even more powerful!

smaller than the guys will probably never happen, sorry. at least not by me.

Watched you unofficially for a while and always loved your depictions of big amazon women. Glad you think enough of my renders to put me on your watch list!:D

sure, your renders look good! if your interested in producing comics to sell on my site, let me know and we can talk :-)

Thanks for the kind words. Will certainly look into producing some comics in the future. Thanks!

Welcome to GirlPowerPlanet! Your art is a real inspiration!


thank you :-)