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Most Excellent work!

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As one might look at this piece for the first few seconds, that cat would probably be overlooked. But for me, the cat is actually pretty important. Since it is looking towards to building at the right of the piece, immediately my eyes were drawn there. Then, my eyes went to the top of that right building and naturally 'flowed' in a diagonal line to the top of the left building and then to the other cat on top of the rock ( left side ), and then right back to the cat at the bottom. So instantly, I noticed the dynamic eye movement in this piece is on point.

The contrast of value between the buildings / rocks and the ground / sky provided a sense of balance to me, and the colors also worked well together. The cats also create a nice sense of story, which I definitely enjoyed

The thing I'll say concerns those bright values at the right edge of the piece. I understand you might have intended to viewer to be drawn to that side to emphasize the eye movement, though for me it was just..too distracting ( my eyes stayed there ). If the bright highlights instead were drawn onto the right side of that building ( to the right edge of the piece ), it might have achieved the same effect, and end up being less distracting, ultimately emphasizing the dynamic eye movement itself.

Overall, nice work!

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thanks for the feedback! I think you're right with the bright values on the right side. <3

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