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Giant Rose buds

This was a fun one <3. It more or less started out as a bunch of random colors, but I think it turned into something quite nice.  
I liked the idea of giant flower environments so much I decided to paint another with giant irises, but its still waiting for the last few details.

This was painted live at .  I'd love for you to come say hi and hang out, maybe paint along!  Lots of awesome artists of all skill level hang out there.
I stream Monday, Thursday, and Saturdays at 11am PST
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Goodness me, this field must smell GORGEOUS with a cluster of such superb roses!

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Heck yea! unless you have pollen allergies :D

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Goodness me, that would be one way to get on with a population reduction.

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This reminded me of fairytopia! XD Wonderful 💕
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Aww thank you! <3

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that looks wonderful

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I love the purple clouds.:heart:

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I love this 😍, especially the golden yellow, purple and green colour scheme ( my three favourite colours!!) The large central rose really reminds me of a cupcake!! 💜Cupcake

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Other people have told me this reminds them of a cupcake too! I'm glad you like it. <3

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This is so much fun! The split between shadow and light is great. I love that the clouds show off the scale for the buds. They're so massive but calming to look at. I'd love to see your streams! Thanks for the rec.

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Aww thank you so much! Maybe i'll see you around stream someday!

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