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Cat Sanctuary

Its been SO LONG since I've painted an interior scene.   I'm happy with the result and I learned a lot.

I stream my art on and invite anyone and everyone to join along!
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I absolutely love this.

Its absolutely adorable and I can picture this as something made by a witch/archmage for their familiar/pets/ xD

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yea! it could definitely be used for that :D

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We need more cats!

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Wow!! I really, really love the vibe of this beautiful art you created! It's so beautiful, you did a great job!!

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Thank you! I am happy you like it,

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We've got a bit of a Cat Sanctuary here. Recently a cat showed up, and had some kittens in our Garage a few weeks ago, now she's had more kittens since.

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You may want to consider taking her to the Vet to be spayed. That way she doesn't produce more stray kittens, there may be some cat rescue services in your area that could help you.

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If we can get up to her, we would. She is calming down a lot, but one day, we will.

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