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Big Cat

A recent commission.  I had such a good time working on this!   Most of this was painted live on my stream at , I'd love to have you stop by and hang out and maybe art along!

To see more process shots and updates of my paintings you can check out my twitter:
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Great painting !

Bravo ! :)

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Love this painting! Reminds me of the cat I had in college. Thanks for sharing!

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awww I'm happy you like it! The referenced cat was gorgeous and I really enjoyed working on this.

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I love the idea! and the colors toooo, dude this is awesome! :O

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Thanks <3 I was REALLY happy when the client told me about the idea. I loved it and enjoyed working on it.

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Of course! :D I'd be really happy too if a client were to tell me that sort of idea, haha!

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This is just amazing! love it

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Thank you! I had so much fun working on this. :D

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This looks remarkable! The warm colors and the way everything is painted look amazing~

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Thank you! I am happy with the way it turned out too!

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I have always liked the images and stories of a person in a world that is sized for giants. The golden tones make seem like a lazy outing for the two.

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Yea! the scale of it was definitely a joy to paint. I'm really happy you like it :D

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I love how the cat and the girl stand out so much from the consistent color pallete. Great job on the detials!

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This is awesome! I love it!,
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that's one hell of a kitty, love the cozy palette as well!
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a fabulous cat indeed

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That's so great ! Love the warm atmosphere inside !

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