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Hey if any of you have twitter, tumblr, or an art facebook page, I wanna follow you!! Even if it's barely/not at all art related. Post your links in the comments, or send me a note if you want to keep it private :>
  • Listening to: this playlist my friend made for me on spotify
  • Reading: it's more chill than I was expecting
  • Watching: my requests were melodic, smooth, magical
  • Playing: this is some great stuff though
  • Eating: seriously putting me in a trance
  • Drinking: literally swaying
you're welcome, dA
  • Listening to: this playlist my friend made for me on spotify
  • Reading: it's more chill than I was expecting
  • Watching: my requests were melodic, smooth, magical
  • Playing: this is some great stuff though
  • Eating: seriously putting me in a trance
  • Drinking: literally swaying
ME! Guess who ruptured her ear drum? ME!

Piggy-back rides are D A N G E R O U S!
  • Listening to: Tyson vs. Douglas by The Killers
  • Reading: best song on the new Killers album
  • Watching: idk what I love so much about that song
  • Playing: the album as a whole is not bad
  • Eating: I miss the logo though
  • I haven't done one of these journal updates since August oh my goodness
  • After a DISGUSTINGLY overwhelming fall semester I have had a DELICIOUSLY relaxed spring semester
  • Change dmy major back to Creative Writing HAHA, AKA HOMELESSNESS, AMIRIGHT?!
  • I'm about to query literary agents for Guy Fulton Bursloff... which I should probably re-title :I
  • I wrote two books since November HECK YEAH I mean they're garbage first drafts but shhh no fear
  • follow my TWITTER
  • LMTW chapter 3 is like.......1/3rd done with digital work... it's like 60 pages long....o god... I'm going to like MAKE myself finish it this summer... EVEN THOUGH THAT'S like a page every day... HAH... comicking....
  • I'm reading books again this year
  • The other day in my Poetry Workshop class I wrote like a totally honest poem that was 100% about me and all my workshop partners who read it were like "wow this character really has a lot of deep issues and mental illness" and I was sitting there like "......UH" because that WASN'T THE IMPRESSION I GOT... FROM MY OWN WORK... ABOUT ME.... LMAO
  • I want to go to grad school somewhere out of the midwest so if your city is cool, RECRUIT ME!
  • That new Harry Styles song is really good and YOU KNOW IT! JUST ADMIT IT!
  • Working on writing a novel about a varsity football player who turns into a cannibalistic forest spirit (....yeah I REALLY need to work on my elevator pitch for that one, ye gods)
  • I discovered Best Coast and YOOOO THEY ARE SO GOOD
  • Listening to: Sign of the Times by Harry Styles
  • Reading: first I heard this song and was like "eh"
  • Watching: then by the end of the song I was like "oh"
  • Playing: in other news, Best Coast is a gr8 damn band
  • Eating: profound lyrics like "I WISH HE WAS MY BOYFRIEND,
1) List at least 5 things you enjoy
2) List at least 5 things you're thankful for
3) List at least 3 things you like about yourself
4) List at least 3 things you like about your own art!
5) Tag people if you wish and have fun!

Tagged by maybelletea
1. Baking, city lights, long drives, playing clarinet, going to Canada
2. My scholarships/financial aid, being raised on a dairy farm, my bff, my many amazing cousins, my awesome adviser
3. My persistence, my singing, my various skillz and talentz
4. Vibrant colored pieces, use of textures, general style
5. Tagging Rebel-Rider FaisalOrb  that's it cuz I'm really lazy w/tagging people
  • Listening to: this semester is killing me
  • Reading: school all week, work all weekend
  • Watching: late to bed, early to rise
  • Playing: but at least I write for an hour each dawn
  • Eating: achieve life's purpose in first 90 minutes of day
  • Drinking: rest of day, float around and be crap
  • I got a job at a hotel and I love it and it's sort of like my comic because we're horribly understaffed at like 4 employees and because the manager has to plays 10 different roles and does all the jobs
  • Classes are starting this afternoon and I'm a junior
  • Gonna be a high school english teacher questionmarkquestionmarkquestionmark
  • I'm wearing a mustard yellow shirt right now; it's very Dwight Schrute
  • A bat got into my hotel two nights ago so I chased it all over the building with a broom until I caught it in a box with the help of a Canadian baseball player. S/O to you, guy
  • Slowly plugging away at digital work for LMTW Chapter 3
  • My mom and I drove 24 hours in one shot from Minnesota home to Pennsylvania IT WAS RADICAL
  • 2016 is still the year of the search for a literary agent. I'm cleaning up Guy Fulton Bursloff and readying to start sending out queries and junk l8r this year
  • Still not playing Pokemon Go lol
  • Last week I got really angry about something and went on a rage walk and ended up at a Cub Foods in the middle of the night and I bought a bunch of produce I had to carry home like 2 miles lmao
  • The other night I accidentally sold my boss's room T.T There was one double queen left for the following night so I sold it then I looked again and instead of going from 1 to 0 it went straight from 1 to -1 and I was like 0_0 Next morning I was like "UH DID THAT SORT ITSELF OUT" and he was like "well I'm out of my room and I'm going to sleep on the floor in a room that's being remodeled, so" Lmao I'm so sorry man
  • Listening to: I really like this hotel job tho
  • Reading: I seriously may go to school for teaching BUT THEN
  • Watching: end up staying in the hospitality business
  • Playing: it's on my list of careers to srsly consider
  • Eating: hm
  • Drinking: hmmm
  • reading lots of Shakespeare for class and drawing a lot A LOT, I AM DRAWING A LOT OF SHAKESPEARE
  • elbow deep in revisions of Guy Fulton Bursloff! This is like the funnest revision ever cuz my plot is all solid and now I'm just sort of fleshing out characters and narration and stuff. But I don't have as much time to work on it as I want :'I
  • this Thursday I'm going to see Julius Caesar (MY FAVE) in a theater in Minneapolis that was converted from an autoshop????
  • school is really busy I have to write two 10-page history papers and s 10-page Shakespeare paper sometime in the next 3 weeks
  • going to Canada again in May cuz it's fun
  • exploring the insane amount of parks that Mankato has seriously this city has so many large parks it's unreal
  • my retainer is like letting my teeth move???? but I wear it like all the time??????
  • listening to Panic! At The Disco's latest album because it's magic
  • doing less work on waitstaff than I should be :'I But at least chapter 2 is finished through June
  • oh yeah and I've officially changed my major to English Education so I can be an english teacher and share my love of fiction and stories with grumpy high schoolers
  • Listening to: LA Devotee by Panic! At The Disco
1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character.
3) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Okay maybelletea tagged me and wants me to do Milo, WOOO, who is the teenage protagonist of one of my novels. Here's some art of him:
Milooooooo by jstaricka ear problem by jstaricka WHAT THE by jstaricka

1. Milo is like half Native American, either full Native on his mom's side or like half from each of his parents...????? His last name is Kupsky, which is polish, so his dad at least has polish heritage. He really doesn't know/care about Native culture though, probably because his family is mostly dead/far away/he doesn't really know them. Haha wait Tori started hers by talking about ethnicity too) Also I'm just gonna throw out there that he's kinda overweight and stocky.

2. He's lived his whole life in a big old house in a very dry town in Illinois called Freedem. It's got a lot of freeways and service roads and very few businesses and homes. The place is known, however, for weird paranormal activity. Everyone's got a Bigfoot or a UFO story. I wrote this book in 2012 and I'm still grumpy that after that, stories about creepy mystery towns got really popular #nightvale #gravityfalls)

3. His dad is a big scarred grave man who's maybe a little alcoholic. And maybe was dishonorably discharged from the army. Yikes. But he and Milo kind of have on okay, mutually respectful relationship. It's just the two of them living together.

4. Milo's mom died when he was a kid, like eight or nine, and he never EVER talks about it. Pretends like she never existed.

5. In fact, Milo REFUSES to talk about anything emotional or even anything too serious. He does this thing where he'll play dumb so he doesn't have to acknowledge feelings. He'll even divert the topic and get into awful arguments where he looks like an idiot jackass, but to him, it's totally worth it if he can avoid talking about what he doesn't wanna talk about. Having to say "I love you" would probably just... kill him, honestly, lol.

6. That willingness to argue has given him a reputation for being very short-tempered and obtuse, which he is, but he's also sort of a funny guy! Likes to joke around and get laughs. Which makes him kind of dangerous. One minute he'll be joking, and the next, he's pissed off about something.

7. His best friend (he would NEVER admit that) is his neighbor (that's better) Christina. They grew up trouncing around town looking for jackalopes and ghosts. I think she became an actual friend after his mom died though. Christina like totally handles all of Milo's bullshit and calls him out on everything. Every now and then Milo feels kinda mushy and romantic toward her and he immediately suppresses and hides it.

8. Okay despite all his sad weaknesses and stuff Milo also is kind of deeply self-sacrificing. You could say it's his love language I guess. Like, if a dangerous task needs to be done, he's the first to volunteer and like won't let anyone else do it. One level of that is just that whole "avoiding feelings" thing. He'd rather take a risk against himself than have to think about or acknowledge the seriousness of a friend being in trouble. But like I said, it's also sort of his love language. He wants to protect the people important to him and he doesn't care if he gets hurt.


Rebel-Rider (I think someone else tagged you but I'm tagging you again >:D )

There 8 I did it \o/

Actually I tagged one too many


I feel like I want to reread Milo's book now RIP
  • Listening to: The National radio on Pandora
  • Reading: that's one of my winter stations
  • Watching: winter came back
  • Playing: it was spring
  • Eating: but now it's been snowing off and on
  • Drinking: for like 2 days lol
Rules are:
- Show a few (at least five) of your oldest arts.
- Show three (or more?) of your newest which you personally like the most.

Tagged by: maybelletea

Sweeney Todd by jstaricka  Green Day, colored by jstaricka My Chem. Vampire Cartoon by jstaricka Cemetery Drive by jstaricka 11th Doctor and Me by jstaricka

Merry Christmas! by jstaricka what a drafting does to you by jstaricka four-hundred by jstaricka

I don't wanna tag anyone :'D If you wanna do this, DOOO IT

  • Listening to: Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York"
  • Reading: today is Monday but I'm so confused
  • Watching: I think I missed a day somewhere
  • Playing: which is UNACCEPTABLE!
  • Eating: Friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your ear!
  • Guy Fulton Bursloff is coming along really well, and this winter, I'm gonna send it to beta readers! Let me know if you're interested! It's basically a YA book about a waiter whose spirit slips into the Land of the Dead due to a paperwork mistake Death made. So he sues him.
  • I've been watching Parks and Rec. Successfully watching a TV show, finally!
  • Long!Waitstaff chapter 02 is halfway done with digital art!
  • Long!Waitstaff chapter 03 is halfway done on real-life paper!
  • I'm really enjoying the 3-hour nighttime drive I get to make now and then between college town and home. It's all kinds of enchanting.
  • I got pulled over, but the cop just gave me a warning and a bag of leftover Halloween candy
  • Been listening to my WINTER BANDS: Arcade Fire, The National, and Interpol
  • Been buying a disturbing amount of Chipotle when weighed against the sufficient groceries I have in my apartment
  • Double-majoring in History and Creative Writing
  • My semester has been great! I'm in love with/want to be best friends with all my professors. Fall of 2015 will go down in history as my most enjoyable semester
  • I bought FaisalOrb's Intuos Pro tablet but he wouldn't accept more than $100 so I broke into his room and left $150 in his wallet \o/
  • My birthday is coming up in December and I'll officially be 20 but oddly enough I've thought of myself as 20 for like a year and have had to remind myself that I'm actually 19
  • Listening to: Interpol radio on Pandora
  • Reading: I got on the wrong bus this morning
  • Watching: so I requested an awkward stop
  • Playing: and made the walk of shame back toward campus
  • Eating: I stopped at a weird extra school bookstore though
  • Drinking: and got some sick dirt-cheap pencils
My friends finally convinced me to add YET ANOTHER platform for Little More Than Waitstaff. If you're a member on Tapastic, please go check it out! Strips and pages are releasing all week and will be caught up by like Friday or Saturday. Then it will update on Mondays with all the other platforms (tumblr, smack jeeves site, and dA)

Thanks for reading ;D

TAPASTIC, WOOO by jstaricka
  • Listening to: Offering by Black City Lights
  • Reading: I move back to school next Monday WHY
  • Watching: for a whole week of band camp
  • Playing: I may have to live with a friend that week
  • Eating: cuz my apartment may not be ready
  • Drinking: RIP me 1995-2015
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? Since October 7th, 2009 apparently. Wow. I was 13.

  2. What does your username mean? Absolutely nothing and I regret not picking something classier. Like MelodyFlames ;D Seriously though I may chance my username sometime. This one's getting real old.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Writes, draws, adventures.

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right.

  5. What was your first deviation? PfffffhhahahahSweeney Todd by jstaricka

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Digital pieces, awe yis. I really love the idea of what I call classy cartoons. Something really stylized but that can still be beautiful easily. And of course comics because I make a comic and stuff.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Manga. Every now and then I go back to trying to draw it. Often doesn't work out very well. I just think it often looks really classy as an art style, especially as fan art for some reason.

  8. What was your first favourite? Green Day request by Greenrun Not sure why this is completely tiny now, but man I was in love with this picture for years. It had a really big impact on my style at the time.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Classy cartoons ;D

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Uh tough choice. Both are kind not active on dA anymore, but I'd go with Nozmo and Tessa Stone because they have both been huge influences to me artistically and created amazing comiccs I'm still in love with. 

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? This one PixelAnnex cuz we talk frequently and it'd be cool to hang out irl instead of just a facebook groupchat

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Well this guy FaisalOrb and I ended up going to the same college despite his being from halfway around the world and we've been BFF's since then SO

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Simple tablet, GIMP

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? ಠ_ಠ Uh I love bringing a sketchbook with on daytrips to like the cabin or uhh cvacations in general. Otherwise I really do my finished pieces 100% at home.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? This realization and this conversation :'D

  • Listening to: lots of Welcome to Nightvale
  • Reading: while I work forever on my comic
  • Watching: and eat strawberries and cucumbers
  • Playing: and complain about the humidity
  • Eating: also I went running the other day and it got dark
  • Drinking: and there are bears around here now so I ran fast
  • Woo it's summer time and I'm milking cows for my parents every night from 11pm to 2am HAHAHAH RIP ME
  • I REALLY WANT to finish Little More Than Waitstaff chapter II before the end of summer
  • I'm working on the 5th draft of my book Guy Fulton Bursloff and also hope to to send it to beta readers by the end of summer *pants heavily* I've never come this far with a book before.
  • Last night I whistled and it really started one of the cows. She realized it was me and stared and stared.
  • I also got kicked in the head by a cow a couple weeks ago. Idk what her deal is!
  • I've been going running, often to a cemetery near my house. I'm getting really tan. B)
  • I'm shopping for a kayak to check out the creepy, shallow lake on the edge of my property!
  • I have too many facebook group chats happening hahahHAHAH
  • Listening to: gosh darnit cow milking time is like
  • Reading: when I want to sit around in the evenings
  • Watching: drawing my comic
  • Playing: the daytime is all hot and dumb
  • Eating: yeesh
  • Drinking: yikes
Tagged by :iconmaybelletea: woooo

1. Favorite romantic film?
Wot okay so I adore romance subplots but idk about actual romantic films
Like uhmm okay the romance in Megamind comes to mind as one that's really cute <3

2. When was the last time you bought food out, at a restaurant?

PERFECT so my family milks cows at like 10:30 - 2... which means 10:30 to 2am... me and my brother got done like 2 nights ago and drove 20 miles to have breakfast at Perkins at 3 am B)

3. Do you like cleaning and organizing?

YES it makes me feel more comfortable in an environment if its clean and under my control >:)

4. Where do you hope to go with your art? As in, aspiration-wise?

Other than continuously making comics, I think a goal of mine would be to become popular enough with my comics to comfortably do regular, high quality commissions for real life money B)

5. A favorite childhood movie?

The Toy Story movies <3 Also Mulan and the Little Mermaid

6. Did you trick or treat on Halloween, and if so, at what age did you stop? If you did lmao

I totally did. Don't remember when I stopped... I think sixth grade was my last year, so 11 or 12?

7. One of your favorite desserts?


8. Tell me a Christmas or wintertime tradition you have! Or just something you like to do in the winter.

HAHAHAH WE HAVE A LArge plastic Santa Clause that during winter months, we hide all over the farm and house for other family to find. Open the closet, there's Santa. Pull back the shower curtain, there's Santa. One time my brother duct-tapes him to the ceiling.
Oh, another thing is watching the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story for like the full 24 hours lmao

9. Favorite weather?

UHM. I like it when it's about to storm. Windy. Cloudy. Or, idk. Also just very unique weather.

10. Last song played on your ipod/phone?
Gypsy by Lady Gaga! The only song of hers I have, wooo

My Questions:

  1. Favorite way to be active? Biking/swimming/running etc?
  2. Who would you bring back to life if you could bring someone, anyone, back?
  3. You have to date a character from a TV commercial! Who do you choose?
  4. What's something you've never told anyone?
  5. Quick! What's a cool idea for a sitcom??
  6. What's the last book you read? If you haven't read a book, what's the last movie you watched?
  7. If you could suddenly gain a ton of skill in an art medium, what medium would you pick?
  8. Do you have or have you had a job? What is it? If not, where would you like to work?
  9. Name a TV show you hate!
  10. If you could hang out whenever you felt like it in any ONE era of history, which would it be?

:iconthewallflower01: :iconjesncin: :iconfaisalorb: :iconbeagleamarelo: :iconkirikoasakura: :iconpixelannex:
  • Listening to: yo I should do a bullet point update journal
  • Reading: I haven't done one in 1 million years
  • Watching: and I have many things to update I guess
  • Playing: whoa I just had a rush of Waitstaff emotion
  • Eating: I want to finish chapter 2 before summer's end
  • Drinking: it's taking me 5ever ( ; _ ; )
The school has been campaigning for kids to NOT get wasted this weekend and have given it a hashtag, as institutions tend to do. #NotThisWeekend has been a total failure because there are more odd drunk people around the dorms than I have ever seen. I spent five hours at basketball games. Upon return I couldn't go anywhere without wandering into trios of people wearing Uncle Sam hats and sunglasses. Laundry, meanwhile, was a fiasco. Normally a machine or two are open. But my friend reported that on this Friday night at 10:30 there were not only no dryers open and one broken washing machine, but also seven piles of other peoples' washed clothes on the furniture in the room. I saw photo evidence of six people working with dryers at the same time. Meanwhile, I headed to the basement of the dining hall to work on writing in peace. The seemingly-sober-probably-drunken wanderers found me somehow. A vague friend who asks me my name every time I see him came through with two pals and set up their own party in the mysteriously unlocked classroom next to me. They called my name in a high-pitched voice once. Then I heard them say "she can't hear us."

I think I fell into another universe.
  • Listening to: Like a Prayer by Madonna
  • Reading: remember when I used to do journals like this
  • Watching: telling weird things that happened
  • Playing: imma do that again
  • Eating: i have to remember these things somehow
  • Drinking: okay back to bookwork now
AFTER TALKING ABOUT IT 5EVER, I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED CHAPTER 1 of long!Waitstaff. Prepare for this weird little comic to become a graphic novel/comic series/thing!

What does that mean?
  • Read it on the site: littlemorethanwaitstaff.smackj… Chapter airs December 18th, with two updates a week, Monday & Thursday!
  • Until the chapter is done airing on the site, no comic strips!
  • I'll submit the chapter here in big 5-page chunks once those pages have aired on the site.
Thanks all for reading! I hope you enjoy the next stages of the story.
  • Listening to: Rider in Red by Savant
  • Reading: this chapter is probably not as good
  • Watching: as you imagine
  • Playing: so get ready for nothing spectacular
  • Eating: though i'm kinda proud of the art
  • Drinking: yes
I got tagged >_> maybelletea

Tag info:
"You're supposed to make a list of things you wish for and people may or may not gift you things off this list. UvU 
And then you can go and gift other people things off their list for christmas ect ect if there is anything on their lists where you could help out and make somebody's biggest wish come true. ~ ^ v^" 

1. My characters or stuff involving my comic :U
2. Art for my other stories (see gallery folders...)
3. Uh Back to the Future or Bob's Burgers fanart makes me very happy
4. Also Sweeney Todd fanart makes me happy

  • Listening to: Tequila Remix by J. Rabbit
  • Reading: um I failed at being a student this week
  • Watching: maybe I should get my shit together
  • Playing: or
  • Eating: I could not do that
  • Drinking: yes how about that second choice
  • I work on comic during anime club for like 3 hours 2 nights a week, so that's progress
  • I stay up too late and spend too much time with people to feel like a true introvert anymore
  • I have a boyfriend and we have the cutest meeting story of all stories (and this one's not a football player, maybelletea, lol)
  • not drawing enough
  • waiting to be done with long!Waitstaff chapter one so I can work on books again
  • what is my life
  • I used to try to take like one week of the year and go camping or something to get out of my own head so that the focus would become my external environment for once instead of internal, but being in college, my whole life is a camping trip, and everything is external, and alone time is nill, and amazingly, it doesn't bother me
  • I am human
  • very beginning of school year, August, new student rally with like thousands of people, he's an audience volunteer wayyyyy far away but I never got his face out of my head
  • I go canvassing/door knocking with this group on campus on Halloween and LO AND BEHOLD, HE ANSWERS APARTMENT DOOR he's super funny and still A+ unforgettable face, also, wearing gladiator outfit
  • next day, attend family weekend illusionist event and he's sitting right behind me so I'm like "AYY, YOU'RE THE GUY, HOW WAS HALLOWEEN PARTAY" and talking with this guy is 2fun4me. His mom and aunt there with him are like "Do you live in same building? How do you know eachother?" and it's like "AHAH, WE DON'T"
  • end of night, discuss shitty illusionist, decide "we should hang out some time"
  • and that's how my boyfriend is Audience Volunteer Jake from the New Student Rally
  • Listening to: Ghost by Mystery Skulls
  • Reading: "Cuz the world might do me in
  • Watching: It's alright cuz I'm with friends"
  • Playing: too accurate
  • Eating: feeling pretty good I guess
  • Drinking: IS ANYTHING REAL
college freshman
  • Listening to: Take Me To Church by Hozier
  • Reading: I want to be done with long waitstaff
  • Watching: I want to make all other chapters black and white
  • Playing: Guysssss
  • Eating: Coloring takes 800,000 years
  • Drinking: It's really discouraging
You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. can u rlly
Hit shuffle on your iPod/Phone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. 
Then pass this onto 10 people.
  1. Bangarang - Skrillex
  2. Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet - Fall Out Boy
  3. All Alone - fun.
  4. Go Out and Love Someone - Pogo
  5. Lonely - Akon
  6. Lakehouse - Of Monsters and Men
  7. Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear
  8. Interrogation Song - THE MUPPETS: MOST WANTED (omglolol)
  9. Entra'acte/Maybe (reprise) - Annie, the 2012 Broadway Cast Recording
  10. Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
Taggin: :iconmaybelletea: :iconfaisalorb: (HAHAHA) :iconstaciajoy: :iconart-gem: Nehh yeh I'm done tagging.
  • Listening to: Killer Queen by Queen
  • Reading: SHE'S A KILLER
  • Watching: QUUEEENNNN