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good years

I bought a new graphics tablet FINALLY woo RIP $300+

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It stinks when you need to buy a new tablet. I had to buy one too because the old one wouldn't work with my new computer, which was really annoying because to me, it was a cheap trick to force me into buying a new tablet. 
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Yeah, it's frustrating. My old one simply broke. I could maybe have fixed it by soldering it, but for how much I used it, a new one was a good investment I think. 
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Probably. I really dislike my new one's small size. I keep running out of room, and I can't understand why the bigger ones are MORE expensive now than they were 8 years ago.
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Yeah that is odd. The demand must be high I guess, without many competitors
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I tried one of the competitors and had to send it back. They had good customer service, but their tablet didn't like my computer.
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Yeah that seems to be the biggest risk with competitors
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Oooh the new tablet makes the comic look nicer!

Also Lasse smiling is always cute
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Wow thank you! I think the lines are thinner and/or smoother? Also the active area is much larger, which normally I don't care for because I make small strokes anyway, but that may play a part in how it looks now.

ANd yesss hehe it's rare, but it's cute =P
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