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EqG SFM Gmod models EqG Fortress



[Feb 15 15][Working Progress] I spent 10 days fixing up the texture. Now the models looks better with these features:
-Normal maps, the hair looks good
-Phong enabled, the models have better highlight
-Lightwarptexture added, better shadow effects

All the EqG models modeled and rigged by CreatorOfPony .
It's my first time to make source models, I decided to make them into scouce models as soon as I saw these awesome models. Many thanks to CreatorOfPony.

Later, I'm going to make these models into gmod player models, but it's a tough task it seems. Cuz the EqGs are more different from the majority models and I have to rebuild all the skeletal animations.

I really want to share these models but I think I shouldn't do it BEFORE I was promised by CreatorOfPony .
I'll release the models as soon as he permit.

Good news! CreatorOfPony permit my release!


Enjoy everypony! I really want to see your nice works!
What's more, Happy New Year to all of you! Because i
t's Chinese New Year! 
Wish you keep smile and have  a colorful life like ponies!

[Feb 26 15][Update] SFM_GMOD_EqG_M6P1_0.3.2.150226
-Transparent and Eyes fix
-Add jigglehair

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