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EqG SFM Gmod models EqG Fortress

[Feb 15 15][Working Progress] I spent 10 days fixing up the texture. Now the models looks better with these features:
-Normal maps, the hair looks good
-Phong enabled, the models have better highlight
-Lightwarptexture added, better shadow effects

All the EqG models modeled and rigged by CreatorOfPony .
It's my first time to make source models, I decided to make them into scouce models as soon as I saw these awesome models. Many thanks to CreatorOfPony.

Later, I'm going to make these models into gmod player models, but it's a tough task it seems. Cuz the EqGs are more different from the majority models and I have to rebuild all the skeletal animations.

I really want to share these models but I think I shouldn't do it BEFORE I was promised by CreatorOfPony .
I'll release the models as soon as he permit.

Good news! CreatorOfPony permit my release!…

Enjoy everypony! I really want to see your nice works!
What's more, Happy New Year to all of you! Because i
t's Chinese New Year! 
Wish you keep smile and have  a colorful life like ponies!

[Feb 26 15][Update] SFM_GMOD_EqG_M6P1_0.3.2.150226
-Transparent and Eyes fix
-Add jigglehair

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This gives me aids

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fuck ponies they doesn't belong here

but they will belong here

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Does it contain an TF2 releted content? Or is it just the girls? I prefer teh girls only.
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how to ruin tf2 101 It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon) 
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Really? Wow, not even 5 pictures in?
An autistic art form. Brilliant.
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I'm a Asperger and I like this :D
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"Oh no, this man has a different opinion than me! We can't have that on here!"
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Autism is not an insult at all.
TheAugmentedScyther's avatar
Except when it is. Only an autist can like something like this, and it's usually autists that do like something such as this.

You're not the language police.
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first of all learn how to spell autistic and second that's not something you should joke about what if YOU had autism huh? you wouldn't like it if you saw people insulting you for having autism (not saying Toxic has autism)
TheAugmentedScyther's avatar
Cry more, I'll call your almost fetishtic need to insert your little girl's show into everything autistic if I want to.
Guess what? It's not 2013, nobody cares that you watch girls shows anymore, go be an edgy hipster somewhere else.
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Obviously you didn't pass you're grammar test.Because the first sentence you tried to make sense failed miserably.
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That made no sense and please get a life and how about you go be some rude disrespect person somewhere else
and guess what its not 1984 anymore and if you didn't watch girls shows then why you on here on the MLP Fandom lmao 
ToxicHolyGrenade's avatar
Well, people that doesn't respect autists at all are capable of using it as an insult, how about that? I'm an autist myself and that offends me as a person. I'm not angry with you, but just offended and disappointed in you.

I'm afraid you should look at this video for yourself. (…)
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Why would fluttershy be the medic?
RadioactiveBhabie's avatar
because she is incapable of killing someone mentally 
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EQG Meets TF2
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XD this is what I see when I say "I'm goign to review Equestria Girls". They all eqiud weapons and prepare for my attack.
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Wished these were made for Poser and Daz.
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this is so pretty
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