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It's been a very long time since I've had time to produce some new artwork or upload anything.
Finally finished my BS in Electro-Mechanical Engineering from Penn State. I've also been making major strives in my professional carreer as well having landed an engineering position with a residential elevator manufacturer in controller design and technical support.
Best of all my daughter is graduating from high school in just a few weeks. We are celebrating a double graduation.
Instead of studying Calculus, Chemestry, or Thermodynamics I can finally get back to something fun such as sphere packing and klienian groups. Hope to have some more uploads soon...
Found this cool site that you can upload your 3D models and have them printed.…

So I have been busy cleaning up and preparing some of my work for 3D printing. It can be a little tricky and finicky, but I'm stumbling through it.

I should be getting my first model tomorrow in the mail.

I have also been re-rendering and posting my stuff over on FLICKR. Bumped into a number of great people there. Check out a few of these photo streams:……………

Other than that, I still have a job. Recently turned 40!! And my daughter turned 16.
Still doing alot of theatre lighting design.
Getting ready to go back to Penn State in the fall to complete my Bachelors in engineering.

Even though I haven't been as busy here lately, I still check in.

Take Care... JEFF
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Alot has happened since I last submitted anything.

I got a big promotion at work :)

I was very sick with Chrones Disease :(

I had major surgery inwhich they cut out a 1 foot section of my intestines making me all better again :)

My daughter started high school (not sure if that makes me happy or sad)

And I'm still very busy designing lights and sets for theatre. I survived the dance recital season and most recently designed lights for TOMMY. Now I'm working on designing set for Beauty and the Beast.

I'm still checking in here regularly though...

OH, And I was in Vegas, Memphis, TN, and Louisville, KY mostly on business. Saw the Hoover Dam, Hung out on Beale Street, Toured the Louisville Slugger Bat company, and visited Church Hill Downs (where they have the Kentucky Derby) all since February...
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Hey all you Deviants out there!

I just finished designing / building and lighting a fabulous show at York Little Theatre here in York, PA:

It was the final show of their 75th season and what a great way to go out.

I uploaded a small montage of photos from the show. If you would like you can check out some more photos here:…

I'm just getting back to work on Indra's Pearls. Jos Leys has a new and exciting gallery up. He used Ultra Fractal to output coordinates of his Klienian groups to raytrace in Povray. How does he do it??? Anyway, here is the link:…

Stay tuned. I've bee learnin how to do this writing my own code directly in Povray.

Thanks for watchin and Take Care,
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It has been a while since my last update.

I've been sorta in a funk lately and I don't know why.

My job is going great. Money is good. The daughter is fine.
I finished up some really successful set and light designs
for the theatre...

I guess I need to find me a woman...
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Hey all! I just got me an MP3 player. I ended up getting an IRIVER CLIX gen 2:… AWSOME!!!!!!! I highly recomend it. The screen is one of those AMOLED things. It is beautifuf. It's got 4 gigs. Video is a little bit of a pain to get on it, but looks GREAT at 30FPS. So now I'm organizing my MP3 collection. What a pain.

I still haven't been too motivated to come up with anything new. I've got a couple theatre shows going on; "Annie" and "The Full Monty". Plus I'm making up for lost time with my daughter.

Keep up the good work all. I'm still around checkin you out. I'll get back in the groove soon...

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Well, I'm finally finished. I completed my Associates in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State!!!! It only took me 14 years :)

And now I have a new job. I'm working as a Cad Designer for a company called Inclinators Inc. They make elevators for in-home and handicap use. I do cad layouts for the shop floor and the architects. Plus I'll be transferring their 2D drawings to ProE.

It's not the most exciting work, But the pay is good, Benefits are fully paid and I get 2 weeks paid vacation PLUS 1 week personal leave to start. It's definitely something to hold me over till I figure out what I want to do next.

Thinking about going on for my Bachelors degree... We'll see.

Anyway, hopefully I have more time to exploring those kleinian groups that I had to put on the back burner...

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Ah, Christmas is over and so is my semester...

It was a pleasant and Rainy Christmas here in PA.
Rain?? why couldn't it have snowed?

Anyway, I had a really great semester. Had 5 A's and 2 B+'s and I hit the Dean's List.

Christmas was good. I had just enough money to spoil my daughter.
I got her a 5 megapixel camera. Not the top of the line; but simple enough for a 12-year old to use. She loved it.

I also spent the weekend upgrading my computer to XP. That was a chore, but everything is working fine again and I'm just about finished customizing.

Anyway, I'm busy being a bum. Classes start again mid-January. One more semester and I get my Associates in Mechanical Engineering...
Keep up the cool art. I'm still checking in... Later, JEFF
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Well I'm up and running full steam in classes again. Man, It's been 5 years so I gotta get my study habbits built back up... Plus I just got my cable modem up and running... YEAHHHH@@@

I have a very busy 19 credit scedule this semester. WOW! So unfortunately I'm not gonna have alot of time to upload anything new for a while...

But I do enjoy seein what you all are up to so I'll be chacking in nwo and then... It gives me a break between subjects...

Drop me a not and say HI....
Hello all my DA friends

This is some weird times for me right now...

I'm loosin my job the end of this week. It's movin to Milwaukee without me. That would be a great title for a song.

Things I'll work out though, I'm currently registered for classes this fall at Penn State. I have 28 credits ta go to finish my engineering degree and 19 of them are scheduled this fall. So I'll be busy...

I finally got a subscription to DA and I started a small print acount. See if anyone likes my stuff...

I'll pretty much be off the net the next couple weeks while I make some adjustments. But keep in touch cause I'll check in a few times..
Hi DA Friends,

I survived the dance recitals... YEAH :)
They came out really well. I'm tryin to track some photos down so I can get them posted. I am always too busy to take my own...

Well, I have an interesting couple months coming up. I'm getting things set because come July 28th I'm gonna be loosin my job. I work for the advertising department of a local retailer, The Bon-Ton and do to the recent merger with Carson Piere Scott they are movin about 400 jobs to Milwaukee...

So I'm gonna go back to school for a year. I am 28 credits short of an associates degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State. And 48 credits away from a bachelors in Electro-mechanical engineering.

So I'm shuffling things around and gettin ready so if I'm a little off the raddar please forgive me...

Talk to ya later....
Hello DA world...

I just wanted to thank everyone that watches my page.

Amongst my full time job working in advertising for The Bon-Ton I'm also a freelance lighting desiigner for live theatre...  And It's JUNE which means it's time for dance recitals... I have three lined up for june, 2 at local high schools and 1 at the brand new 1200 seat theatre located at Penn State York campus... This will be the biggest show I've ever designed...

As for my next field of math studies; I've been messin around
with cirlce packing, and Kleinian groups... Here's a picture:…
Also check out this DA entry:…

It'll be a little while cause I like writing my own routines...
So, thanks for checkin me out...